Your Car Steering Wheel Has 12 Times As Many Germs As Your Toilet Seat!!

Car Steering Wheel

Ever considered buying driving gloves? Well, many people have gone that direction after a study by revealed that your car steering wheel could be home to 12 times more germs than a public toilet seat. Yes, a public toilet seat.

In their report, stated that a majority of car owners don’t wash their steering wheels. In the survey that analysed responses from 1,000 drivers, 32% of the respondents confessed to having cleaned their steering wheels only once during the past year. In a big surprise, 12% of the respondents said they never clean their cars’ steering wheels at all.

Because of this uncomely habit, the researchers concluded that the steering wheel could be home to about 700 different types of bacteria, compared to a public toilet seat that’s estimated to have only about 60.

Such findings are quite appalling, considering that many people are likely to get into contact with your steering wheel. Many drivers also confessed that they usually eat inside their cars, increasing the risk of bacterial infection.

The truth about the findings is that most people don’t make use of car detailing services. If you’ve not been doing it, it’s time to take your car to a detailer for thorough cleaning. Instead of just focusing on washing the exterior and your car mats, it’s time you considered a comprehensive detailing that will kill all germs and help you safeguard your health and that of your loved ones.

While you can always clean your car, including the steering wheel, on your own, a professional car detailer will deliver a lot more. Many of them offer customised services that suit your unique needs, ensuring that your car is squeaky clean and flaunts its off-the-showroom sparkle.

There is no excuse for failing to have your car detailed. That’s because there are mobile car detailing services that can offer services at a place that’s most convenient for you. A detailer will ensure that your car exterior and interiors, including the boot, are cleaned thoroughly. Yes, the boot of your car also requires meticulous cleaning. Why? Well, the report by estimated that the boot could be home 1000 different kinds of bacteria, way above the 700 on the steering wheel.

Besides cleaning, car detailing offers a wide array of other services. Some of these are paint restoration, scratch removal, and minor fixes to parts. All these ensure that your car not only retains its pristine look but also keeps its functionalities, relating to comfort and convenience, among others.

In Australia, car detailing services have become quite rampant. Research reports like the one released by are some of the things that create awareness on the need for regular car detailing.

While some people don’t take their cars to a detailer on the assumption that the service is expensive, most car detailing service providers have friendly packages for different budgets and needs.

For example, if all you need is car cleaning and nothing else, that’s the package you’d take. You may also consider just cleaning and polishing. 

However, because taking good care of your car is a long term thing, most people choose subscription packages to ensure that they receive the service regularly. Doing so also helps car owners negotiate for friendlier deals based on a long term working relationship.

Ultimately, the benefits of car detailing are so numerous that you’ve got every reason to give it a shot.

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