Write for Us

Are you interested to write for us? Contact us and submit your interest here. We shall review and let you know whether this is perfect to publish.

Types of articles we welcome:

We welcome high quality content that has some value for readers. Especially:

    • How-to’s, DYI – problem resolving posts and tutorials
    • Lists – streamline information into a numbered list that’s easy for readers to read, share and put into action
    • Checklists and To-do’s
    • Why, what, where
    • Informative
    • News, reporting news, opinions

Before publishing your content:

Before we get to the details, here’s a summary of our style guidelines:

BIO – All guest writers need to include their BIO (of a person, not business). Our readers value posts with author biographies and clearly accessible social media links and contacts.


  • Subheading (H2) immediately after main article heading (H1)
  • Use additional headings (H3) and (H4) plus bulleted lists to aid scannability

Lowercase – Titles and headings should be written in lowercase (except the first word starting the sentence, names or places).

Length – A minimum of 650 words.

Original – Content that has been published elsewhere or content that has been re-written /spinned will not be accepted.

Writing standards – We only publish writing that is of high quality and meets our quality standards.

Images – We only use images that are royalty free images. We don’t allow writers to upload these images. However, you can suggest which image to use by including links to these images and we will download them.

Types of articles not accepted – There are a few types of articles that we do not accept:

  • adult or mature content
  • job postings
  • advice columns
  • gambling content
  • property listings
  • finance advice
  • self-promotional or press releases

Your article’s goal should be based on your experience and expertise.

Linking rules – All links included are ‘nofollow’ and must be used for reference, and clearly identifiable to the reader what they’re being linked to. Sending people back to random websites or a home page is just a waste of time. If you want to include a link to your own website (homepage), please do it in your BIO section.

Editing and publishing – As editors, we reserve the right to edit your content for the Bestinau.com.au audience, or send your pieces back for revisions to better fit our audience. In most cases, articles will be reviewed within 10 days.

Social sharing and engagement – We strongly encourage you to share content on your social channels, and engage with others that are sharing and interacting with your content. Not only does this help your brand get more exposure, but it drives views to your article.