Why You Need to Innovate Your Pop-Up Shop for an Outdoor Event

Why You Need to Innovate Your Pop-Up Shop for an Outdoor Event

Outdoor event are exciting, thrilling and present incredible opportunities to meet new customers and new demographics.

The thing is, outdoor events have become incredibly popular in recent years – so popular in fact that councils are hosting more events every year to encourage community and business growth within their municipalities.

Dropping your regular expo display into an outdoor event rarely ever translates, which is why you need to innovate your regular system.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to innovate your corporate pop-up for an outdoor event.


Different settings bring different demographics

Visitors to an outdoor event are likely to consist of a mix of keen, indifferent, completely not interested, and curious customers.
The main difference with an outdoor event is that you’re less likely to have the same time or dedicated concentration to explain what your products or services do.
Outdoor events need your stall to shout out what you’re offering quickly, and cleanly.
In these instances, it may be better to only bring your most popular or high-selling items. The reason being, with so much activity going on, it will be difficult to capture a customer’s time to explain the merits of several items – but you’ll have ample time with maybe two or three easy-to-understand products or services.

Match your stall with the upbeat nature

Stalls that thrive best in outdoor events are ones that match the environment of the event itself.
If your usual stall is quite corporate-themed, but you’re heading to a family day, try switching out some imagery panels with other more engaging and consumer-focused graphics. Similarly, if you’re at a themed market, having display cabinets or racks for customers to walk through and peer into might also work in your favour.
Dropping the stiffer aspects of your stall will make consumers more inclined to investigate and interact with your business – otherwise they might be put off by the jarring visuals.

Swift sales for swift results

Outdoor events often brim with excitement and activity, which is why when you have your customer’s attention, you need to complete your transaction quickly.
Installing displays that market special promotions and focusing your sales team on core products and services will encourage faster conversions and simpler sales approaches.
The faster your team can close sales, the better outcomes for you and your brand

Stand out of the crowd

Outdoor events demand a lot of attention from guests, which is why shrinking violets never do in these environments.
Given that there’s a good chance your stall will be surrounded by competitors also trying to catch your customer’s eye, taking a proactive approach is a sure-fire way to passively draw customers to you.
Try looking at aspects of:

  1. Height: the taller you can be, the easier it is for customers to see your brand
  2. Colour: bright, bold on-brand colour draws attention like no other
  3. Once-off promotions: plastering amazing sales deals on your stall will get interested customers making a bee-line to you to snap up the deals
  4. Interactive displays: glass cabinets, racks and product demonstrations are key to getting customers to explore your brand

Keep it simple

Don’t be tempted to make your stall fussy or contain every kind of product or service known to your brand.
A simple stall conveys a simple message, and with great salespeople it is easier to convert customers with a short attention span – so don’t get caught thinking “more is more”, when actually “less is more”.

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