Why Wedding Anniversaries Should Always Be Celebrated

Why Wedding Anniversaries Should Always Be Celebrated With Gifts

Weddings are a big deal and a huge commercial industry. Wedding anniversaries get way less attention, especially when you’ve been together a while. It always seems like there are more important things to celebrate, like children’s graduations or grandkids’ birthdays.

A wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be a big hubbub. You can mark it with a meaningful wedding anniversary gift basket. Give each other a customised hamper that has items of personal significance. The usual wine and chocolate work, but you can also throw in something that reminds you of a special memory or a private joke between you.

Why Wedding Anniversaries Should Always Be Celebrated

Still, with the busy lives that we lead, accept any excuse to party. With friends and neighbours divorcing at depressing rates, go all out and celebrate the fact that you’re still together. Spoil yourselves, do something exciting, have a little fun. Not convinced? Let’s check out a few reasons why wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating.

It reminds you that you like each other. Granted not all marriages start with romantic notions. Some people marry to meet social obligations, to please their parents, or to start a family. But somewhere along the way, couples acquire at least a little affection for each other. You become lovers, roommates, companions, and friends.

While birthdays and graduations remind you of your duty to your families and your pride in your achievements, your anniversary is a nice way to focus on the things you like about each other. Even after all those years, there must be one or two left, and hopefully, a bit more than that.

If you don’t consider yourselves the sentimental type, then you at least recognise the importance of goals and targets. A wedding anniversary is a milestone. Even if you’re the cynical kind, it represents one more year you’ve lived together without killing each other.

On a lighter, more positive note, it marks your success as a couple. Marriage may not be what you envisioned, but the fact that you still together means some part of it is working, and that’s worth having cake, drinking wine, and getting a fancy anniversary present.

It is said that companionship kills the romance. That when a couple has been together a while, they start to look alike, and that they treat each other more like siblings than sexual partners. Before anything else, before the kids and the jobs and the in-laws, you were a couple.

You were two people who saw something in one another and chose to make a lifetime commitment. Celebrating your wedding anniversary focuses on that aspect of your relationship. On your anniversary, you’re not parents or grandparents. You’re husband and wife, and it’s worth remembering, even if it’s only once a year.

Once you start raising a family, it’s hard to get any time for yourself, both as individuals and as a couple. Many parents feel guilty being away from their kids. And that’s if they can even get the time off work. Well, an anniversary is a great excuse for some guilt-free travel. No one would begrudge you a night out – or even a week away on your wedding anniversary.

In your career and family life, you often take the time to review. What projects have you completed so far, what’s the plan for the week, how is that report card looking, what are the chances for the soccer team this season? Anniversaries are a chance to take stock on your marriage.

Think about the plans and dreams you had, the targets you’ve met over the past year, the things you’d like to get done before your next anniversary. As you get older, think about the life you want after retirement, or things you’d like to try out once the kids move out. Of course, sad memories will crop up, but try to focus on the good stuff, or your anniversary celebration just might end in divorce.

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