Why Should You Know Snakebite First Aid?

Why Should You Know Snakebite First Aid?

Australia is a big and beautiful country with diverse flora and fauna. Of all that fauna, one of the deadliest are the snakes. There are around 140 different species of land snakes and another 32 of sea snakes in this country. Of these, about 100 are venomous. Luckily, of these 100, only about 12 have enough venom to kill you.

Where are The Most Venomous Snakes Found?

Everywhere. There are snakes in all parts of Australia, however, most of the time, you will not encounter them because they prefer to avoid contact with humans and they usually live in remote areas.

However, there is one exception – the venomous Brown Snake. These snakes mostly live in rural areas in woodlands, but can also be found in the suburbs of cities and town.

While the Brown Snake has relatively little venom, it is responsible for the most deaths in the country. This is because of the large population of these snakes that come in contact with humans as well as the fact that its venom is really potent.

How to Prevent Snake Bites

The first thing you need to realise about snakes is that they would rather avoid any kind of interaction with us. So, the best way to avoid a snake bite is to avoid the snake. If you do come across a snake, then still perfectly still until it moves away. If you move suddenly, or stomp on the ground hoping to scare it away, it will attack.

Another way to avoid a snakebite is to make a lot of noise when you are walking through tall grass. This will give the snake enough time to move away and avoid you.

When out walking in tall grass, always wear boots and thick socks.

Be careful. Do not life rocks and deadwood, do not reach inside hollow logs or the chinks between rocks. These are perfect hiding places for snakes, and if you disturb them, they will bite you.

If you are camping out, then make sure you shake out your bedding if you have left it on the ground. And use a torch to see where you are going when its dark.

Do not try to kill or capture a snake. This is when most people get bitten.

Snakebite First Aid

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you always have a snake bite first aid kit close by, especially if you are going camping or bushwalking.

Do not try to do any of the things you have seen in movies – cutting the wound open, trying to suck the venom out of the wound or apply a tourniquet.

Do not wash the wound. If it is a venomous bite, then the leftover venom around the wound will tell medics what kind of snake bit you.

However, you can apply a pressure immobilisation bandage to the wound to prevent the venom from spreading too fast. Also, stay calm and as still as possible until help arrives.

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