Why Portable BBQ Options Are So Popular

Why portable BBQ options are so popular

We live in a mobile age where everything is done on the move. And to suit our fluid lifestyle, all our gadgets are learning to move as well. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a pocket-sized shaver, a universal charger, wireless headphones, or electric cars, technology is increasingly embracing portability.

Regarding barbeque grills, there are several ways to make them portable. Some units are made deliberately small so that they can be carried to wherever you need them. Their size also accommodates smaller fuel sources for easy transport. Other grills are equipped with wheels that make them easy to pull around, despite the grill’s weight.

They’re Convenient


Everybody loves a well-grilled meal, whether it’s a hot dog or seared zucchini. And with the population increasingly trying to eat healthily, grilled food has the edge over fat-filled deep fry. Yes, your grill is basted with juices and oils as well, but grilled trumps fried.

With a portable barbeque unit, you can cook wherever you are, whether you’re in a car park or the office roof. You can also turn your balcony into an impromptu roasting space, and if you’re particularly ambitious, you can even grill some burgers in your bedroom. This isn’t advisable due to fire hazards, but it’s nice to have the option.

They’re Romantic


In the past, the standard idea of romance was a fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant with flowers, fancy clothes, and a mostly unpronounceable menu. But as we continue to be overrun by millennials, a lot of us have decided to join them since we can’t beat them.

This means backpacking around the world, earning a living off a laptop with public wi-fi, and eating organic food under the open sky. This is where the portable grill comes in. Grab a few bottles of your favourite beverage, some scented candles, a good cut of meat, a warm blanket, some good music, lots of mosquito repellent, and enjoy an intimate meal beneath the stars.


They’re Affordable


On average, portable pieces of equipment are cheaper than fixed ones. The savings come from lightweight construction materials and smaller general sizes. They’re deliberately designed to be light so that you can carry them around, and that lowers production costs. These price cuts can then be passed on to consumers.

Sometimes, this affordability goes with a reduction in longevity. Some manufacturers assume that since your purchase is portable, you will probably lose it, give it away, or tire of it after a while. Of course, quality brands put as much effort into their portable units as their stationary ones, so make sure you buy a reputable grill from a responsible factory.

They’re Easy to Use

The key benefit of portable items is their accessibility. As part of reducing their size, weight, and bulk, they are pared down to bare essentials. A portable machine rarely has bells and whistles. It’s designed for maximum utility with minimal parts and features. So a portable grill, for example, may not have all the features of a larger stationary one.

It does, however, have enough utility to make it a valid purchase. And since it doesn’t have those extraneous functions that are fun to have, it becomes simplistic and easy to use. It might not have a see-through view screen or touch panel, but it probably has an on/off switch, detachable parts, and enough heat to cook a good cut of meat.

They’re Cool

The modern world is moving away from sedentary lifestyles. With residential prices rising, careers shifting every few years, and the global village shrinking, people are getting less and less tied to possessions. The average youngster likes the idea that they can pick up at any time and move to wherever they wish.

For that to happen, they need a set of wheels (or a bus/train ticket), personal belongings that can fit in a single bag, and a way to cook no matter where they are. We’re raising a generation of gipsies, and since they can’t start fires or lug their microwaves, they enjoy having a portable kitchen in the form of a small, versatile barbeque grill. Be sure to get yours!

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