Why parents should take technology out of their kid’s bedroom

The use of technology amongst kids is getting to worrying levels, as kids, as young as six get access to different mobile gadgets. From video games to mobile phones and ipads, kids are increasingly spending their free time consistently glued to their screens. This screen time has some serious ramifications, which, if not addressed, might result in severe health and behavioural issues.

While numerous positives come from the use of technology, most of the time spent is used negatively, especially at night when they are most likely to use their devices while in bed.

Some of the drawbacks you might face

Affects sleep pattern

Constant use of technology is expected to affect your kids in a variety of ways. The first one is changing their sleep pattern, as well as the amount of sleep.

Using mobile phones to chat with friends might sometimes extend way beyond your child’s sleep time.

Affect performance at school

Due to lack of sleep, their schoolwork and general social behaviour will be affected. Research shows that 20-40% of school-aged children are affected by a lack of enough sleep. Failure to get enough sleep can be a result of sleeping shorter periods or having sleep that is not consistent. Such interrupted sleep will affect your child’s activities the following day.

Kids who are in primary school should get at least ten hours of sleep each day. Adolescents should get between eight and ten hours. With mobile phones and other gadgets at their disposal, this is not possible.

Health issues

In case your child fails to get adequate sleep, their health, behaviour, as well as mood, will be affected. Their concentration in class is also going to take a hit.

Kids who fail to get proper sleep will exhibit this by having poor memory, being moody, consistently sick, and have difficulties engaging with their peers.

How to deal with the issue of technology

Have set times for gadgets

One way of dealing with this issue is to have downtime for the use of technology in your home. By merely removing technological devices from the bedroom, you will realize that a suitable environment for sleep will be created.

Have a bedtime routine?

Get a good bedtime routine and stick to it for at least 21 days. After that, your body or that of your kids will adapt to it.

Ensure you strike a balance between indoor and outdoor activities

Try and balance the amount of time spent on the screen and that spent doing physical activities outdoors. If they get enough time playing outdoors, they will most likely be tired by the time it is their sleeping time. In the same breath, creating a bedtime routine that involves bathing, reading a book, and sleeping can significantly improve your child’s sleep.

It may reduce cyberbullying

By reducing the amount of time your child stays on their laptop or phone may be helping them deal with sleep-related issues. At the same time, you will be protecting them from cyberbullying and other related ills.


By taking away technology out of your kids’ bedrooms will help them deal with a myriad of problems. Your kids will get adequate sleep, be productive in school, improve on their health condition and also make them more social with their peers. Outdoor activities should be encouraged as it goes a long way in improving your child’s mental and physical health.

We are confident that through this piece, it has shed some light, and you will be in a position to protect your kids.

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