Why Go With The Weber Baby Q?

weber bbq q

When it comes to barbecues there is a lot to consider before making a pick. A barbecue is a long-term investment, therefore, getting one means you have to get the perfect barbecue to meet all your requirements. More often than not, barbecue enthusiasts go for the biggest and most expensive units assuming they will serve them well. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better and expensive units are not always practical. If you want an entry-level barbecue that can handle an array of cook-offs coupled with the convenience of operation, the Weber Baby Q is your best bet.

The Weber Q series was launched in 2003 and it immediately became a crowd favourite. The barbecue is known for its practicality. It has a sleek compact design that cannot be replicated. The Q series has a curved top and two ‘wings’ on either side. It’s a popular selection for singles, couples, and families. You might even come across one of the models in corporate events. The series has numerous models and one of the unique barbecues is the Weber Baby Q. It is the most compact and most portable gas barbecue on the market. It’s Sydney’s favourite portable barbecue and here is why


Exceptional Performance

Whenever manufacturers attempt to reduce the size of any unit, they compromise on its functionality. Barbecues suffer the same fate. With a reduction in size, the grill cannot handle meals for big gatherings and its functionalities are reduced. However, The Weber Baby Q is an exception. The grill performs impeccably well even when compared to standard-sized barbecues. It can prepare a meal for up to 6 people, making it an ideal choice for family trips and camps. The high efficiency coupled with the convenient portability make the Weber Baby Q the perfect travel companion.


Sturdy Build

Although the Baby Q is compact, it has a strong build. The barbecue is built for durability. The body and the lid of the Baby Q are made from cast iron. This offers protection against any physical insults to the unit. The cooking grills, on the other hand, are made from porcelain enamelled cast iron. Lightweight durable components are used to make the grill. Consequently, you get portability and durability all in one grill. The burner is manufactured from stainless steel and the whole unit comes with a 5-year warranty. The design of the barbecue gives it stability and also makes handling more convenient. You can easily set up the grill anywhere with a flat surface. The handles that make up the ‘winged’ design have a good grip and allow portability of the grill even while it’s in use.



weber bbq q



Utilisation Of Space

Urban living doesn’t come with a lot of outdoor space to have barbecues. Most people living in Sydney can only brag of an open balcony or a shared courtyard. Therefore, a big family sized grill will take up unnecessary space. However, the Weber Baby Q BBQ allows you to prepare and share a barbecue with your friends and family while sitting out on the balcony. The grill is compact but can handle a feast of around 6 people. The design of the grill has a high lid that is perfect for bigger roasts. Moreover, gas fuel makes the unit more convenient for use in locations that are adjacent to indoor living spaces. Whether you have set up on your balcony or courtyard, you don’t have to worry about excessive smoke in your home.



Portability, practicality, durability and efficiency are all qualities that don’t come cheaply. Most people avoid grills because of the hefty investment they require. The more desirable properties a grill has the more expensive it is. More often than not, miniaturizing a product without compromising its functionalities costs a lot. Fortunately, the Baby Q is an affordable gas barbecue that has all the desirable attributes of a grill coupled with portability. It’s a worthwhile investment considering you can enjoy grilling on the move or at the comfort of your home. The 5-year warranty on the barbecue just makes the deal on it sweeter.



Weber BBQ Q



Added Features

Barbecues have standard features that make grilling possible. However, some additional features make the whole experience convenient and fun. The Baby Q is a fun barbecue to own. It has an instant electric ignition system that makes setting up easy. The grill also comes with a removable drip tray to allow easy cleaning. An inbuilt thermometer on the lid also helps monitor the temperature of the grill to ensure the perfect roast is achieved. The Baby Q not only performs well but also looks good. It comes in an array of colours ranging from red to white and the finishing is nothing short of elegant.

If you are looking for a portable, practical and good-looking barbecue, the Weber Baby Q is your best bet.


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