Why Consider A Freestanding Wood Fireplace For Your Home?

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

Fireplaces are among the most coveted items for most home buyers and homeowners alike. They are decorative and practical, bring both elegance and warmth to any home. A freestanding wood fireplace is an excellent option as it guarantees all the comfort and warmth of built-in fireplaces without all the costs and hassle of installation.

Why Install a Freestanding Wood Fireplace?

A stand-alone or freestanding wood fireplace is as its name suggests. It freely stands on its support base and doesn’t require being built into the wall like traditional fireplaces. This feature can be particularly appealing for homeowners interested in a wood fireplace but want a hassle-free and cost-effective unit that doesn’t require a massive renovation project.

Installation Options

Even though installation for these freestanding units will be much simpler compared to built-in fireplaces, some installation is still necessary depending on which model you get. For instance, if your fireplace requires venting, then you will need to have the venting pipe installed. Nevertheless, there are some ventless models available that do not need a chimney.

Homeowners also have more installation options in terms of picking the positioning of the freestanding wood fireplace in the house. You can effectively optimize the heat generation of your wood fireplace by positioning it in a central place in your living room. That way, heat can efficiently radiate around the room in every direction.

If you are considering a fireplace for your house but do not want to have a significant remodelling project, then the freestanding fireplace will best fit your needs.

Appearance and Décor

Built-in fireplaces excel when it comes to the traditional, classic fireplace look. So, if you are completely set on that traditional fireplace appearance, then you will likely need to opt for built-in wood fireplaces. However, you can now get the same elegant look with an insert wood fireplace.

Meanwhile, a stand-alone fireplace also looks terrific, while providing a fantastic service of heating your home. There are numerous ways to decorate these freestanding fireplaces as well. You can use the mantlepiece area to keep photo frames and vases in a way that complements your décor.

Final Thoughts

Whether you should consider a freestanding wood fireplace will ultimately come down to your style preferences, heating needs, and also budget. However, you will find that these wood fireplaces offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and utility, in terms of decorating your house. They will suit any living room with diverse models that can fit the trendy minimalist décor or the more traditional layouts.

When choosing your freestanding wood fireplace, remember to consider the size of the unit. If you pick one that is too small or too large, then it may end up looking odd in your interior. Also, think about how the freestanding fireplace will work and whether you’ll be using it for other functions, like to heat water. That way, you will pick the best model according to all your requirements.

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