What’s Your Ideal Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are an easy go-to when it comes to special occasions, party favours, or hostess gifts, but what exactly should you put in one? Choice can be your undoing, as there are so many options that it’s easy to be frozen into inaction. Well, let’s throw out a few ideas to get you started.

What’s Your Ideal Gift Hamper

The first thing to consider is who you’re giving the gift basket to. If it’s a mass gift such as a birthday party favour, you want to keep things simple, since it’s impractical to personalise gifts for a varied group of recipients. In a case like that, your baskets can contain generic items, though it helps to imbue your personality into it. You can do that by adding a handwritten note to each gift basket so that they know you care and that you put some effort into the gift.

In the case above, the party favours would have to be themed for the occasion. A hamper from a birthday party could have a piece of birthday cake and a miniature product. For kids, that’s easy. Lots of stores sell tiny toys in tens or dozens that are specifically designed to be used a party favours. They usually take the form of costume jewellery, puzzles, or collecting cards.

For an adult group, you can still use that miniature gift pack, but the trinkets can be more adult-oriented, like wine bottles or notebooks. Cake can be easily packaged in small boxes or tupperware. Just remember to bake or buy two cakes, so that one can be eaten at the party while the other one is packed for guests. The cake-for-carry gift hampers should be prepared before the guests arrive. Once you start hosting, you won’t have time to put your gift pack together. Plus, if you prepare them beforehand, then guests who have to leave early can get one too.

Not all gift hampers are given during occasions. You might put a bag together for a colleague, or to cheer someone up on a gloomy day. Colour-themed hampers are a cheeky idea that can be fun for both the gifter and the giftee. You could pick your giftee’s favourite hue, or you could follow a mood. Maybe a blue hamper for Monday, or a yellow one to lift someone’s spirits.

The idea behind the colour hamper is simple. Just fill a basket with different items that have the colour you’ve selected. The items can be random, or you could include things that have significant meaning to the receiver. As an example, let’s take a yellow hamper. You can put in yellow toys, like a rubber ducky. Maybe throw in a sunflower or a yellow rose. Yellow bits of candy like Juicy Fruit or peanut butter M&Ms. Or you could go for salty snacks like Lays potato chips. You could sneak a box of Nesquik into the basket, preferably banana flavour, though technically the pack is yellow so that’s okay. Include some practical items too, like a yellow t-shirt, handkerchief, or bandana. You might even include a banana.

Put a note into the basket explaining why you chose yellow, or whichever colour it was that you selected. Maybe you want them to think pink, or stop feeling blue, or paint themselves red. Anything goes, as long as it brings a smile to their face. The advantage of a coloured gift hamper is with such a huge selection of gifts, there’s bound to be at least one that the person will like.

You can also create a functional gift hamper made of related items. If your friend likes baking, use a baking tin instead of a basket, and fill it up with baking implements like whisks, cake wrappers, measuring cups, spatulas, cookie cutters, and icing nozzles. If they enjoy fruit, tease them with fruit themed products. Strawberry chewing gum, vanilla hand lotion, peach-scented soap, apple shaped candles, pineapple fridge magnets.

Putting together a gift hamper can be a lot of fun for both you and your giftee. Let your creativity flow and pour in a touch of your unique personality – there are also lots of gift giving websites that can help you along the way too. This way, you can create the kind of gift that you will both treasure for years to come.

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