What Were the Pool Trends From 2016?

Choosing your dream pool design isn’t always easy; in fact, it can be one of the hardest decisions to make when you’re trying to balance practicality with design.

One of the best ways to help design your pool is to look at the previous trends from the last 12 months – designs that have set incredible expectations and achieved amazing design feats.

If you’re running low on inspiration, why not check out these amazing design features from 2016?

Glass Tiles

Creating an incredible, iridescent look on your pool, glass tiles scream luxury and style without being ostentatious. Glass tiles can be worked into sections of the pool, or used throughout for a sparkling appeal. Offering far more durability than porcelain or ceramic tiling products, glass tiles are available in blues, greens, opals and shimmering mother-of-pearl styles to work with your design needs.

Raised Sundecks

Bringing a sense of opulence, sundecks add a vertical layer to the pool, adding interest and depth. Perfect for sunbathing, morning yoga or a platform for some high-intensity workouts, sundecks are a simple and effective way to integrate additional lifestyle aspects to your otherwise pool-centric area.
As a focal point, sundecks require outdoor furniture to match, so don’t forget to splash out on something gorgeous and fitting.

Beach Entries

Unlike traditional pools that offer either a series of steps or a ladder to help you get in and out of the water, beach entries are gradual slopes that allow you to wade into the water just as you would with the ocean. When added with Tanning Edges, these sorts of entries allow pool users to bathe in a few inches of refreshing water while sunbathing in a banana lounge or enjoying a fun splash with tiny tots.
For extra opulence, a Perimeter Overflow feature allows water to run over the edges of the pool where it is captured by a camouflaged water catch. Providing a relaxing water feature sound, these are increasingly popular for Beach Entry pools.

Knife-Edge Pools

Opposite to a Perimeter Overflow system, the Knife-Edge Pool has a false early edge that allows the water to continuously flow over and be recycled back into the pool – creating a never-ending disappearing effect.

Water Features

Adding water features to pools used to be something that only millionaires could achieve; but now, with the latest technological advantages, anyone can achieve a gorgeous water feature that adds the ‘wow’ factor.
From rock formations that gush water over a heightened edge, to modern fountains that spill a sheet of pristine water into the far end of the pool, water features are a sophisticated addition to your outdoor investment.

Smaller Space Options

As blocks of land become increasingly smaller, and homes become taller to fit in all the family needs, more families are exploring the option of a smaller plunge-pool style feature to add some versatility to their outdoor space.
Combining a number of design elements to create a sense of space and depth, even small pools provide a much-needed recreational space that the whole family can enjoy.
Allowing family to enjoy a pool without compromising the options to entertain with a patio and barbeque area, having a pool no longer requires the homeowner to have a large back yard.

Inclusive Outdoor Living Spaces

Homeowners used to be confined to thinking that the pool had to be separate from other outdoor living areas.
Now, homeowners are exploring turning their backyard into an inclusive outdoor entertainment area that the whole family can enjoy. Combining barbecue areas with sunning decks, dining and play areas, your pool can now become the focal point of an entire area of entertainment.

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