What to Look for in a Garden Shed Manufacturer

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These days, homeowners have an endless amount of choice when it comes to their storage solutions. Whether you choose to rent out a storage unit, free up an extra bedroom inside your home or build on additional storage space, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in adding space to your home for your excess items, consider investing in a garden shed. These versatile units can be custom-designed to meet all of your aesthetic and functional needs.

But a shed is a big investment, so it’s essential to make sure that you find a vendor who can fulfil several key criteria. Take a look at these recommendations for finding a top-notch garden shed manufacturer in Melbourne.

1. Customisable Design and Functionality

The best shed manufacturers know that style is important when it comes to your property. For this reason, you should look for sellers who allow you to create a custom shed to suit your preferences.

When designing your new shed, vendors should give you the option to mix and match different features, including colour, door and window selections, built-in shelving, wall height and more.

From a functionality perspective, a reputable shed company should permit you to build your unit to your specifications as well. For example, if you need extra shelving for outdoor tools or gardening supplies, you could work with your manufacturer to create a perfectly personalised space.

Perhaps most important, however, is the ability to determine the size and shape of your shed. Each backyard is different, so it’s necessary to work with your manufacturer to get a shed that fits your unique space.

2. Simple and Quick Installation

Unfortunately, some sheds sold today are shipped to customers with very few installation instructions, leaving them confused and frustrated when they try to assemble their new purchase.

When you’re looking for a shed manufacturer, ask about their installation options. The top companies offer easy DIY assembly, supported by online video tutorials and helpful articles. Or if you don’t feel comfortable setting up your shed by yourself, find out about their professional installation options. Most top manufacturers can dispatch staff members to set up your shed in just a few short hours.

3. Sturdy Building Materials

One of the most useful purposes of a garden shed is to protect your valuable items, such as lawn tools and sports equipment. As a result, your shed’s roof and walls should be made of strong materials that will stand up to extreme weather, such as harsh winds and hail.

If you need this high level of security, look for shed vendors who offer products made from steel or corrugated sheeting. The top manufacturers will even have their materials rated based on the strength of their wind protection.

Adding a garden shed to your home is a big decision and should be well-researched. Customisable design, functionality, ease of installation and durable construction are all important factors, so make sure that your supplier of choice checks all of these boxes.  

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