What is the Purpose of a Pergola?


Pergolas are ancient architectural designs with a heavy Italian influence. They date back to medieval times, but their relevance still holds centuries later.

They have a simple design of four supporting columns topped with cross-beams. The open-air style blends well with outdoor spaces making it a popular addition to backyards. The structure is often installed over concrete patios or pavers. Design options include vinyl, wood and aluminium. Another recent option is the polycarbonate pergola which offers durability and versatility.

Pergolas serve several functions. Let’s explore why you need a pergola.


A pergola is excellent at blocking the harsh sun while allowing the distribution of some light. As a stand-alone build, the pergola doesn’t provide ample shade. However, it provides options for shading.

Depending on the level of shade you desire, you can install anything from a retractable canopy to fabric sales. Other unique shade options include plants and bamboo.

With a shade over your head, you can enjoy your time under the pergola. You can also use the shade to set up potted plants that are sensitive to light.


The aesthetics of the pergola build is unparalleled and blends well with outdoor spaces. In addition, the option of using climbing plants around the cross beams and pillars creates a great seamless transition between the backyard and patio.

Wooden cross beams accentuate the natural look of the build while giving a unified style with the surrounding vegetation. Stone pillars also enhance the natural look of the space. A vinyl or aluminium structure gives good contrast and the opportunity to explore different colours.

Other fixtures are often added to the pergola to enhance the visual appeal. These include

  • Lights: pergolas can accommodate several lighting fixtures, including string lights, paper lanterns, fairy lights and LED strip lights. You can also fit voice-controlled lights and stairway lighting.
  • Outdoor curtains: curtains create privacy around pergolas and enhance the aesthetic of the space.


Adjustments to your landscape have the potential to raise the property value by up to 10%. Pergolas, in particular, are a valuable addition to an outdoor space and contribute to the overall market value of your property.

Pergolas are permanent installations and perform well on durability. Therefore, they provide long-lasting value to your property. No matter the structural design of the pergola, there is always value to be accrued. Nonetheless, detailed plans fetch a higher value.

Functional Spots

Pergolas can host a variety of functional spaces. All you need to do is get creative.

  • Dining space

Outdoor dining spaces offer something different from the typical indoor dining experience.  The dining space has unique outdoor dining furniture that is resistant to the elements. The capacity of the dining set is dependent on the size of the pergola.

  • Outdoor entertainment centre

An outdoor sofa with a small projector can fit well under a pergola to form an entertainment area. As a result, you can enjoy watching movies or sports out in your backyard. You can also add a stereo system to enhance the experience of an outdoor party. Another unique addition is a pool table.

You can fit a complete outdoor kitchen under the pergola. This makes it easier to host barbecues and prepare dinner for an evening of dining. The outdoor kitchen can also fit a fridge for your drinks.

Adding a pergola to your outdoor space is probably the best decision you can make for your landscape. So try it and start enjoying the benefits.

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