What Is The Difference Between Polishing And Waxing A Car?

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As soon as you notice imperfections on your car, you immediately start thinking of how to restore it to its perfect state. Where the defects are on the surface, polishing and waxing are often the first options. You can use the two approaches together or exclusively, depending on the damage you’d like to address.

Where you’ve got to choose between the two, you must know the two services distinctively. If you’ve never taken your time to distinguish between them, you’re probably wondering how they differ.

To help you get a grasp of the difference between waxing and polishing, let’s first have a look at the two separately before digging deeper into how they compare. 

Car Waxing 

The purpose of waxing a car is to apply a protective layer on its surface. The coating not only makes your vehicle more attractive but also shields it from any contaminants and protects the paintwork from the UV rays. The car wax doesn’t dissolve in water, meaning it’s a protection from heavy rains and moisture, among other liquids. The fact that it doesn’t melt under heat also means it’s reliable protection to your car paint during the summer.

Most people, however, believe that the wax is a substance that suffers damage easily. However, the wax used in car waxing is unbreakable. Not only does it provide protection but also gives your car the glossy finish that every car owner loves. Depending on how you use your vehicle, you should have it waxed at least 2 – 4 times a year.

Car Polishing

While most people believe that polishing and waxing refer to the same thing, the two are quite distinct. Car polishing involves using an abrasive material to remove the top layers of protection from the surface of your car. Polishing doesn’t mean scrubbing off the paintwork. It’s very gentle on the surface, ensuring that the paintwork is left intact. The primary purpose of polishing is to make the surface smooth and ready for paint restoration. Some modern polishes contain particular types of oils to give your car a sleek look. 

There are different types of polishing ingredients available. Your mobile auto detailing service provider will specify the type of polish before using it on your car. Polishing doesn’t go deeper than the surface of the paint, meaning that any damage that goes beyond the paintwork surface requires a more demanding approach to restore.

Polishing vs Waxing

What’s your best choice as a car owner? Even though both methods improve the looks of your car, the fact that they’re different means you might, at times, be forced to choose between them. Choose to polish your vehicle for the removal of stubborn stains and any paint oxidation. Ideally, polishing focuses on smoothening the surface for a better appearance.

On the other hand, waxing is a layer of protection to the paint. Where waxing and polishing are applied, waxing comes last. You can also use waxing to fix slight scratches on your car. 

Keeping Your Car Clean

Maintaining your car’s appearance goes beyond waxing and polishing. You have to it’s cleaned regularly. Also, keep your car clean to preserve its glossy and pristine looks. Besides cleaning, keep an eye on the paintwork always. As soon as you notice a defect, reach out to a mobile car detailing service provider to fix the imperfections. Doing so protects your car from developing further damages.

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