What Are The Pro’s Of Using Ethanol Heaters?

Ethanol heaters

Homeowners and interior designers have increasingly turned to ventless ethanol heaters and tabletop burners as they not only warm up a room but make attractive home décor items. Even though there is nothing like a traditional wood fire with its smell of burning resin and crackling noises, ethanol heaters still provide a lively flame to warm your hands and feet by and get you through a long and bleak winter.


Admittedly they don’t give out as much heat as a traditional wood heater, which might be able to heat up a whole house, but the amount of heat an ethanol heater generates is about as efficient as that of a radiator. Ethanol heaters have become more and more popular lately as they operate without a chimney, making it possible to move the gadget from room to room. The heaters are known for their convenience and low environmental impact, and if you are looking for a way to enjoy a lively fire at home that does not require tending to, ethanol heaters are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces.


Owning an ethanol heater comes with many benefits: you don’t have to provide storage for firewood nor do you need to chop it, there will be no ash cleaning nor smoke or smell. Furthermore, such heaters are easy and quick to install as they do not require a chimney or gas line and can, therefore, be placed free-standing in the middle of the bedroom, bathroom, lounge or dining room making the heater an incredibly versatile secondary source of heat compared to a traditional fireplace. For people who thought they could never have a fireplace, an ethanol heater is a perfect substitute and a design element, which can really anchor a room.



  Ethanol Fireplaces



While a traditional fireplace requires chopped wood to enjoy its flames and also a storage room for the logs, fuelling an ethanol fireplace is much simpler. All you need is a bottle of ethanol, pour it into the burner using a funnel to avoid any spilling and light it with a long match or lighter. A modern ethanol heater takes up between 10-15 minutes to warm up until the flame has reached its full potential and overall one can say, that 1 litre of ethanol fuel will light your heater – depending on the setting – between 4-8 hours.


Ethanol is a biodegradable by-product of organic matter produced by the fermentation of sugars contained in forest plants, corn or potatoes. As the fuel’s base is liquid alcohol, the real flames do not produce any smoke or dangerous chemicals when burning. Like a traditional fireplace or candle flame, ethanol heaters consume oxygen and are therefore best set up in a room with direct fresh air access.


The fact, that such heater doesn’t need a chimney means that the final product of the flame only contains a very small amount of carbon dioxide. Hence the fumes, which are emitted when burning, are less dangerous to burning wood making an ethanol fireplace safe for everybody to be around.


Ethanol heaters and tabletop burners come in modern, contemporary and traditional styles to fit any interior design. Standard features include a body, a burner to hold the ethanol and accessories for instance rocks, ceramic logs, or fire glass to enhance the appearance of beautiful flames.


In restaurants, small ethanol burners are replacing candles on tables or windowsills but the décor is also popular in alfresco areas for their soft and alluring glow, giving off a soothing atmosphere. As an ethanol fireplace provides elegance and warmth to spaces of all kinds, they are favoured by many homeowners who look for a practical and modern solution.


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