Which Wedding Dress To Chose For Your Body Shape

Which Wedding Dress To Chose For Your Body Shape

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting and stressful task. Whether you have been ripping out pictures from magazines, searched the net or pinned and liked Pinterest collections or Instagram feeds, the variety of gowns to choose from for one of the most important days of your life can be quite confusing.


On top of that, when shopping for a wedding dress there are so many things to take into consideration as well. Think about the season, the location and the outfit of your husband-to-be not to mention accessories. Then comes your dress, veil or no veil, length of the sash or no sash at all, colour, embroidery, shape and length. Choosing the perfect dress can be a little overwhelming and despite all your preparation, when you have the appointment at your bridal store it’s likely you’re going to try on at least 10 dresses and not like any of them.


Coming up with a budget before shopping for a gown is advisable as there are no limits when it comes to wedding dresses and once you enter the shop you won’t be enticed by the ones you think are fantastic but just not in your budget.


Remember to be open-minded when shopping for a dress. Even though you have that one dress in mind, it might not be available, not fit you or be in your budget. Also, you might end up with a dress you never had in mind but fits you like a glove and is complimenting your shape.


It is crucial that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress as its not only going to be a long day for you but there will be pictures and videos of you and your spouse exchanging your vows and you don’t want to have to tuck in your tummy all day nor having to make sure your bra is not showing on any photos. Therefore, it is important that you and your dress will stand the test of the day talking, dancing and also sitting freely.


Which Bridal Wedding Dress To Chose For Your Body Shape


But to find the perfect dress, you have to start looking at your body shape first. After all, you want a dress that fits you perfectly and flatters your body to make you feel even more fabulous and confidence on that very special day. Hence before you make an appointment at the bridal store, find out what body type you are in order to see which dress suits you best. Here are the most common silhouettes of dresses for certain body types you are most likely to see in your bridal store.


Empire Dresses

Empire weddings dresses are great for women with an athletic or straight body, meaning that shoulders, bust and hips are about the same size. The dresses feature a high waist and a flowing skirt and are often chosen by brides who like a classic but stylish look.


A-Line Dresses

If your hips are wider than bust or shoulders you probably have a pear-shaped body. An A-Line wedding gown is probably one of the most popular dresses and will compliment your figure as it will balance out the wider body parts with its fitted waist and A-shaped skirt that flares out at the waistline.


Mermaid and Trumpet Dresses

Mermaid and trumped shaped wedding dresses will complement the feminine figure of an hourglass-shaped bride. The trumpet cut hugs the bust, waist and hips, is fitted from the neck to the hips and has a trumpet skirt that flares out from the waist. Mermaid gowns are similar but don’t flare out until below the knee.


Ball Gown Dress

If you want to look like a princess in the movies you are most likely to look for this classic shape that is flattering on all body shapes with its fitted bodice and full skirt. The timeless look shows off bust, arms and shoulders but conceals waist and hips. If you always dreamt of a fairytale wedding gown, have a look at Maggie Sottero’s bridal collection, especially the dress Carrie.


Sheath Dress

The sheath dress will show off a slender figure for an elegant and classy look due to its straight shape from neck to hem. The dress makes a long and slim silhouette that does not flare out but follows the body’s natural lines hence it is best worn by those with a straight or athletic body.


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