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Most women love surprises, so while her wedding anniversary is an expected date, you can still get her an unexpected gift. The nature of the gift will depend on your relationship with her. As her husband or her child, you should know her pretty well, so you’re better placed to get her that gift she’s been dreaming of. If you’re a colleague, sibling, or family friend, you can probably get away with a nice wedding anniversary gift hamper.

You might not know her all that well, but hopefully, you know whether she prefers wine or herbal tea. If she’s open to her tipple, you can’t go wrong with a basket of champagne and chocolate. Find out if she prefers her wine red or white, then maybe you can score extra points. You can also throw in a scented candle. It’s both classy and therapeutic, so it will always be appreciated.

For the coffee lover, select a gift basket that includes chocolate coated coffee beans and a cosy coffee mug. Add cookies, cake, or biscuits to go with that rich chocolatey beverage. If she prefers it, you can substitute the coffee beans with a few packs of her favourite tea.

Another gift idea that always works is something that reminds her of the happy day. While every wedding has an official photographer, guests always take photos and videos on their phones. Look through your gallery and find a good shot to share. If the angle and resolution are good enough, you can have it blown up and framed as a permanent keepsake.

Older couples may enjoy the old-school charm of a traditional photo frame, but if they’re younger, try a modern framing option like fracture direct-on-glass photos. You might even go all out and create a website or social media group with a timeline of their marriage. You can include snippets, congratulatory messages, video clips, and photos crowdsourced from family and friends. Some of these will come from the wedding, while others might be memories of their courtship and shared journey.

Still, on the theme of wedding memories, you could create a personalised deck of wedding cards. These are easily ordered online, and the back of the cards will be embellished with images of your choice. They could be wedding photos, or pictures of their children, pets, or anything else that matters to the couple. If the couple is still young and vibrant, you could use intimate photos as a saucy invitation to play strip poker on their anniversary night …

For the wife that loves to travel but is too busy with work and family commitments, a free trip makes a lovely gift. It could be a cruise, a camping safari, or a wine tour, depending on her tastes. Just be sure to get her husband involved so that he doesn’t spoil the trip by refusing to go. It would also help to make sure she has a babysitter for the period. You get extra points for offering to do it yourself.

To go with the trip, you could get her a wall-sized world map. This gift is good for couples that frequently travel together, either for work or leisure. It’s perfect for a retired couple that finally has the time and resources to see the world. The map is plain so that every time they visit a new country, they can colour that section on their map, or tack a tiny national flag onto the map.

If the madam is digitally inclined, a good gift is a portable smartphone printer. Think of it as the 21st century’s answer to polaroids. It’s small enough to fit in your hand, works with Apple and Android, prints wirelessly, and can be recharged by USB. If she’s more analogue, then get the memory printed on a cushion instead. It could be a high definition image or a copy of their marriage certificate. This concept also works for quilts, throws, or blankets.

For the playful wife with a sweet tooth and a love of cookies and cream, why not get a table-top cotton candy machine? She can make her own sweets at home, and every time she licks it, she’ll think of you. You probably shouldn’t get this for a wife that doesn’t like the kitchen though, or one that carefully watches her weight.

Do you know where the couple first met, or where they had their first date? You could find out, get the coordinates, and have them crafted onto a compass key chain or a welcome plaque for their doorway. It makes a romantic reminder of their history together. If you don’t have that information (or if they can’t agree on where it happened), use the coordinates of their wedding venue.

One of the most personalised anniversary gifts you can give a wife or mother is to recreate her wedding bouquet. Use a clear wedding photo to guide a florist on re-making the timeless piece. But be sure that the bride likes flowers, and that she remembers what her bouquet looked like. Otherwise, it will just be a pretty bunch of flowers.

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