Weber Portable BBQ Options for This Summer

Weber Portable BBQ Options for This Summer

The summer season is a perfect excuse to be out bonding with family over a barbeque and soaking up the beautiful weather. If grilling is part of your activities this summer, you need to get a good grill and make the season memorable. The good thing is that the market is flooded with an endless list of grills with different qualities, styles, designs, and shapes, each offering desirable features to meet your every need. Since we understand how overwhelming it can be when choosing the perfect weber bbq, we have identified a few that we feel are worth a thought.

1.The Weber Go-Anywhere

This is a grill that has broken the traditional norm when it comes to design and its features. It comes in a hibachi-style that has been incorporated with a windbreak making it a good option if you are into charcoal grilling your meats and foods. An easy to carry grill, this is all thanks to its foldable legs. What this means to you is that moving it around has been made much more manageable and comfortable. It comes in a sleek black finish, offering that luxurious look.

2.The Smokey Joe Option

Barbequing might be a new trend you are trying to start with your family and maybe a unique skill set you are looking to acquire. And with that, you need to get a grill that will make it easier for you initially, and this is where the Smokey Joe comes into play. It comes in a 36cm compact and portable design, making it a good option for your next camping plan.

3.The Jumbo Joe Griller

If you feel the 36cm is too small for your needs, how about this 47cm grand barbeque grill. It has been designed to have enough space to roast all your meats and foods in a comfortable place. You can quickly assemble your sausages, burgers, steaks even vegetables on the grill and let them cook nice and slow. If you like to entertain a large crowd, this grand grill is what you should get.

4.The Weber Q 2200

If you are into portable appliances, then this is another grill that you should look at. You can easily pack this in your car boot for your next hang out by the beach, or spontaneous camping trip that just came up, or just a hangout with family or friends. We have to agree most of these activities are not memorable if some grilling didn’t go down.

5.The Weber baby Q 1200

Another compact sized grill for those of us who are not looking for something grand. There is no need for the grill to take up too much storage space, so how about getting a compact design that can still grill those meats nice and tender and still juicy in every bite.


Having a grill is an excellent addition to your home, especially if you love hosting people every other time. Because let’s face it, who in Australia can say no to a barbeque hangout when the sun is out?

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