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One of the biggest draws of barbequing is using a smoker to create those unique, smoky tastes that are only possible on a smoker BBQ.



According to The Spruce Eats, a smoker is a piece of equipment that is used for making barbeque, in which the food is smoked and cooked at a low temperature in a smoky but controlled environment.

Today, there are many different types of smokers available in the market. They can range from small electric BBQ smokers to massive smokers that can feed an army. They can also be powered in different ways – pellets, LPG, electricity, wood and charcoal.



Weber BBQ



If you are in the market for a new smoker, then you should consider the Weber BBQ smoker series. Here are some of the benefits of Weber BBQ smoker series:


  • Wide Range Of Smoker Choices

Whether you are planning on buying your first ever smoker or you happen to be a master of barbeque, Weber’s Smokey Mountain Cooker series has a BBQ design that suits you.

  • Perfect Low Temperatures

The Weber BBQ Smokers have a “bullet” design, something that has been repeatedly copied by others. What this design does is it creates the perfect low, even temperatures that are required for smoking food.

  • Double Grill Option

The Weber BBQ Smokers are designed in such a way that you can have a double grilling option, which basically means that you can smoke twice as much food.

  • Front Loading Water Pan

The Weber BBQ Smokers have front loading water pans, which makes it much more convenient to operate the BBQ. Additionally, the water pan generates steam, which is what keeps the temperatures low and even inside the BBQ Smoker, thanks to which, the foods smoked in this BBQ are succulent, tender and moist.

  • Precision Thermometer

One of the key aspects of smoking food correctly is ensuring that you have an accurate measure of temperature in which your food is being smoked. You could spoil all your lovely food if the temperature inside the smoker is all wrong. Weber knows this and provides a precision thermometer so that there is no chance of you going wrong with your smoking.





  • Solid Construction

Weber BBQs are built to last and the Smoker series are not exception to that rule. The Weber BBQ Smokers have a heavy gauge steel encased in porcelain enamel that will not peel, rust or stain, a no-rust aluminium vent, a rust resistant front loading door, two chrome-plated steel cooking grills, a nylon handle reinforced with glass and a porcelain enamelled water pan.

  • Cookbook

Just like all other Weber products, you get a special cookbook that provides you with recipes that are suited for the Weber BBQ Smoker barbeques. These recipes include the timeless classics such as pulled pork or smoked lamb or pork shoulder, as well as Weber Smokey Nuts or Lemonade Scones.

  • Accessories

There are a whole bunch of accessories that you can get for your Weber BBQ Smoker Series, thereby making the entire process of barbequing that much more fun. Accessories include items such as Weber’s Firespice Smoking Wood (with different types of wood for smoking such as Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Pecan and Hickory), a Rapidfire Chimney starter, two different sizes of Easy-serve pizza trays, and a premium quality vinyl cover.

You can smoke hams, poultry, fish and sausages, to name a few in your Weber BBQ Smoker. In fact, it is the perfect tool for making home-made bacon. So if you are planning for a smoker, think about buying the Weber BBQ Smoker.


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