How To Wear Wedding Pants

How to Wear Wedding Pants

Statistics suggest there are far fewer divorces in the world today but there are also far fewer weddings. It seems without as much societal pressure to conform, people are designing their own models of relationship and family, and it doesn’t always involve a wedding ring. As a result, the weddings we do have are veering more towards the unconventional.


In the past, no wedding would be complete without a gleaming white ball gown silhouette, a delicate lacy veil, and an aisle-filling train. Voluminous dress designs like Maggie Sottero’s Aracella were the norm. Today, a bride is more likely to wear something less elaborate that can become part of her regular wardrobe after the wedding. She might wear a classy but regular outfit, a coloured ‘bridesmaid’ cocktail dress, or even a jumpsuit.



How To Wear Wedding Pants Sydney

Of course if you really want to shine on your wedding day, you need to consider more than style and statement. Don’t just buy your wedding pants because they look good on the model, or because the bridal shop had them on sale. Work with a friend you trust – or better yet, get a wedding consultant. It might be expensive to have them plan your whole wedding, but you can get a specialist just for your dress (and hair, and shoes). It’s worth the price.


Think About Your Body Shape

We’re familiar with popular silhouette-based advice for wedding dresses. Empire waists for apple shapes (and if you have a baby on the way), mermaid designs for curvy brides, and A-line skirts for everyone. Figuring out the right pattern for pants is a little more complicated, and may be driven by the portion of your body you’d like to accentuate.


For instance, flowing palazzo-style cuts can make your bottom look bigger, which is a good thing in some cultures but induces nightmares in others. Similarly, a tucked in top can highlight a tiny waist, but it can be unflattering on a more rounded midriff. In such cases, you might pick an untucked blouse that ends in mid-hip to slim your waist and widen your curvy bottom. On the other hand, if you’re an avid gym-goer, you could pick slim-fit pants to show of your buns of steel and well-toned thighs.


Be Wary of High Waists

Many catwalk models have barely-there bellies, so the wedding pants you see on the catwalk are very likely to be high-waist designs. They can be flattering, because they make your legs look longer and draw attention to your bust line, but you may need some very tight corsets to pull it off, and that may leave you uptight all day, literally. You want to be beautiful on your wedding day, but you also want the ability to – you know – breathe … and eat wedding cake.


An interesting idea is using a waist drape. Gemy Maalouf wedding pants are daring see-through lace from top-to-toe which may be a bit too bold for your wedding, but some of her designs have a satiny fabric draped around the midriff. It draws attention in a flattering way while hiding a potentially troublesome midriff, because it’s loose, soft, and shiny.


Put A Skirt On It

If you want to wear pants but aren’t sure how far down the line you want to go, consider buying ‘skirt pants’. The general idea is to have the front of your wedding outfit open, exposing your gorgeous pant cut, but adding a layer of fabric that drapes of your sides and back. It’s a bit like a train but heavier and with more definition so that it’s clearly a skirt. It can be a good compromise for the more conservative family members because technically, it’s a dress.


The skirt is also a stylish way to show off assets and hide flaws. Depending on the fabric and pattern you pick for your skirt, you could trim your waist, broaden your hips, or widen your thighs. You could pick a dramatic design by Rosa Clara or Ashi studios which are essentially the pants equivalent of a ball gown.


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