Ways You Can Use Your Patio In The Winter


Some people would love to have a cosy up-close view of snowfall while on the patio or hang out in the outdoor space, but the environment can be quite discouraging.

As a result, patios often remain unused throughout winter. This is not necessary. Winter days, though cold, can be an excellent time to use your patio. Here is how you can use your patio in the winter.

Heating sources.

Any form of outdoor heating will create significant warm the in your patio. Be it a fireplace, gas or electric heater, chimney or an outdoor oven, having one of these will instantly raise the temperature in the space. A warm patio can serve several outdoor functions, including lounging and entertainment.

Winter weather doesn’t mean you cannot hang out on the deck. Be sure to fix up all cold spots and optimize the conditions in the patio. You can make use of carpets and mats to insulate the floor area and reduce heat losses.

Set up a pergola.

The open space of a patio will be subject to the weather extremes of winter. Snowfall or rain can make the space practically unusable.  However, a pergola roof is a great solution.

The addition of a roof to your patio automatically makes the space have an indoor feel, exactly what you need on a cold winter. In addition, the roof offers significant protection from the weather outside and reduces heat loses.

There are a great number of designs at your disposal to make your pergola as beautiful as you desire. Be sure to contact a trusted company to guide and aid you in the installation.

Blind up that cold weather with quality blinds.

Outdoor blinds will block cold weather, making your patio warmer. Invest in high-quality material blinds for a longer-lasting effect.

Heavy-duty PVC blinds are so effective that they can be hung down during winter and successfully work as walls to your patio.

What makes them more appealing is how easily they can be put aside during hot weather. In the summer, you only have to roll up the PVC blinds to enjoy the summer sun.

Cover up your glass windows and install a fan.

Whatever windows you may have in your patio space, covering them up with plastic will significantly reduce the cold. In addition, windows and screens minimize draught and make the space warm and cosy.

Moreover, if your patio has adequate overhead space, install a fan. It will help in circulating warm air and saving up on heating costs.

Brighten up space with some colour.

Colour has an impact on your perception of temperature. So paint up your patio walls with warm colours, including shades of red, yellow and orange. These colours tend to give your space a psychological feeling of warmth.

Using flowers and plant pots in the corners of your patio space will also go a long way towards warming up space. Flowers are beautiful and brighten up any area they occupy.

Colourful furniture will also brighten up your patio as well as warm it up. For example, you can place a vividly coloured couch with warm fabric to heighten comfort during the winter times.

Aside from offering insulation, carpets and floor mats also significantly create a warm look from their colour design. Don’t ignore the power of colour as winter approaches.

With these many steps at your disposal, you are guaranteed the most comfortable stay on your patio during the cold winter season. No need to lock up the space or shy from using it.

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