Valvoline Lubricants for Trucks and Bus

Valvoline Lubricants

The proper use and maintenance of motor vehicles require absolute conformity to the automobile industry’s upheld best practices. Where, for example, the manufacturer has issued part replacement and service guidelines, such must be followed to the letter. This uncompromisingly cuts across every facet of motor vehicle handling. And experience has demonstrated repeatedly that neglecting these simple requirements always turns out to be disastrous and costlier to the owner of the vehicle.


In fact, such failures have, in many instances, resulted in the loss of lives and property. That’s why whenever industry engineers recommend the purchase of original, high-quality aftermarket parts for Mercedes, Man, Dennis, Iveco, Nissan, Mitsubishi, or whatever other motor vehicle brand, a substandard part isn’t an option.

How about taking care of your car engine? That’s even more sensitive. The lubricant you use, for example, must come from a reputable company. Therefore, when choosing a lubricant or car engine, top brands like Valvoline cannot be dismissed.


Lubricant for Trucks and Buses

Every motor vehicle needs a high-quality lubricant. For trucks and buses, however, this requirement goes a notch higher. This category of vehicles handles the heavier weight and is used more frequently.

With that background, Valvoline comes forth as a great option. Not only is Valvoline a high-grade quality lubricant, but evidence also confirms that it’s been used with admirable results. Besides being used in the engine, Valvoline is also used in gearboxes and an assortment of other differentials on Japanese, American, and European trucks and buses.

Valvoline is heavy-duty. It’s been specially made to withstand tough conditions. It’s also refined for efficiency and durability both for short and long distances. With efficiency, costs per mile automatically goes down.


What Makes the Demand for Valvoline to Rise?

Industry players, particularly competitors, are always alert to every form of development within their market circles. And that’s why the steady growth in the demand for Valvoline has attracted widespread attention. The industry players are interested in understanding why Valvoline is selling fast, just like the also fast-moving high-quality aftermarket parts for European Truck brands — not forgetting other reputable truck and bus brands from the US and Asia.


The answer to this question is quite straightforward – most truck and bus owners prefer widely tried and tested products. And Valvoline has been selling on that very premise. This is one lubricant that has been taken through extensive testing worth millions of miles in a variety of fleets across the globe. It’s been tested in long-distance, under varying weather and climatic conditions, and in an assortment of motor vehicle types. The biggest test, however, has been on trucks and buses. In all these, Valvoline has remained true to its selling points, namely, fully synthetic, low emission, fuel economy, and long drain interval.


Ultimately, the lubricant you choose to use in your car, bus, or truck remains a personal decision. The information shared here, however, provides you with a strong foundation for making such a decision.


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