Types of Wood Flooring

wooden flooring

Many people are now using wood for their home floors. One reason for this preference is that wood is eco-friendly, and it is easy to recondition when compared to other types of flooring. It is also beautiful and long-lasting. Below is a quick look at the most popular types of wood flooring options you will likely find in Australian homes.


Although it is expensive, mahogany is one of the most popular types of wood flooring. It has an unmatched classiness, which improves as time goes on. Its elegance and beauty are among the many reasons why mahogany has gained popularity.


It is the most common type of wood flooring. Maple wood floors are long-lasting even when used in areas that experience heavy traffic. They are ideal for both large homes as well as small spaces. The only disadvantage is that they are porous, meaning that they absorb spills quickly.


These consist of several types. They are easy on the eye and are convenient in homes with a lot of people, especially kids and pets. They are perfect for homes with a lot of activity going on because they are sturdy and durable. However, stains are hard to notice since the floor is dark.


They are commonly used as they are easy to finish and cheap. Since bamboo is more of grass, it comes in a variety of colours making it easy to blend into most home colour schemes. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be used in humid regions. Besides, bamboo tends to scratch easily.

Brazilian cherry

They are quite stylish with a distinctive look. They are dark red, almost brown, which makes any space uniquely attractive. Another advantage is that they can be used in high-traffic areas due to their hard nature.


Hickory woods are hard, making them extremely durable. Many homeowners like them due to their rusty look, which makes them easier to maintain. The rusty look also makes them highly recommended in areas with lots of movement. Also, many believe this kind of floor matches well with most types of furnishings.


When compared to the Brazilian cherry, they are softer, although they create classiness to any place they are set upbecause they have a pink hue that becomes darker after extended use. On the other hand, it is only a long-lasting option when adequately maintained because they tend to scratch easily.


In reality, this is not a hardwood as people tend to think. It is a relatively new type of wood flooring, although it has been used for quite some time infurniture making. They have an extensive range of colour and also patterns making them gain popularity among the users.


It is less popular compared to other wood floorings.Lyptus is mostly used in large spaces and brings warmth when installed. It’s highly durable and has an exotic look, which makes it popular with designers.


This type is ageless, which makes it accessible. It is resistant to wear, which making it an ideal choice for homeowners.


As seen above, there are several options when it comes to wood flooring. Therefore, you are assured of getting an ideal wood floor option regardless of your budget and preferences.

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