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Weber BBQ

Barbeques are serious business in Australia. In fact, you could say that BBQs have become a quintessential part of Aussie summers. If you are shopping around for a new BBQ either to replace your old one, to just to get a brand new grill, you should think about getting a Weber BBQ.

In the last 120 years, Weber has built its reputation and is considered a leader in portable grills and BBQs. The company offers a wide range of BBQs that can fit all types of budgets and needs.

Since there are so many different types of Weber BBQs, we are giving you an overview of their range of BBQs and then you can decide the right Weber BBQ for you.


Segregation Of Weber BBQs

Weber BBQs are divided into 4 different types of ranges: Charcoal, Electric, Premium Gas and Weber Q.

Each of these rangers is further segregated into series, such as Kettle, Portable, Smoker, Pulse, Genesis II LX and Genesis II.

And then, you can choose the size that you want – small, medium, large and extra-large. The company has also segmented its products based on the application – if you want a built in BBQ, or you’re a BBQ enthusiast and are looking for something extensive features, or you’re looking for a simple BBQ for your family.



Weber BBQ



Charcoal Weber BBQ

If you are looking for that perfect grill that gives you a slow cooking, richer experience and gives all your food a lovely smoky taste, then you should opt for the charcoal Weber BBQ.

This range of BBQs comes in various styles and sizes from family Weber BBQs to fully loaded BBQ systems like the Original Premium Kettle which comes equipped with Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System Grill.


Electric Weber BBQs

If you want to barbeque but without the hassle or time consumption of a charcoal grill, then you can opt for the Weber electric BBQ. Weber’s electric BBQs let you cook your meats quickly – a kind of a get-in-get-out kind of grilling session.

Weber offers two options in the electric grilling category – the Pulse 2000 and the Pulse 1000.



Types of Weber BBQ



Premium Gas Weber BBQs

These are the top of the line BBQs that Weber has to offer. Most gas burner BBQs have some common problems that can frustrate you when you cook, such as uneven heat across the grill, fat fires as well as flare ups as well as a lack of consistency in the gas burners’ ignition. However, these are problems that Weber has already solved, so that your barbeques come out perfect.

In the premium gas range of Weber BBQs, you have three different model series – the Spirit II, the Genesis II and the Summit II.

The Spirit series is Weber’s smallest range of gas BBQs. It sports 2 to 3 burners and are just the right size for individuals, couples and even families who just do casual grilling. Their small size makes them perfect for small yards, balconies or patios.

The Genesis series BBQs come in a wide range of sizes with varying features and can range from just 2 gas burners to as many as 6 burners.

The Summit series comes in 4 to 6 burner models and is not just beautiful to look at, but also packs a huge punch in terms of power. The Summit series also offers you built-in BBQ options and some of its models also come with a patented Sear Station burner.


BBQ for Everyone

Weber offers BBQs for everyone, ranging from small portable BBQs for those with limited space to fully customised, state-of-the-art BBQs for those who are barbeque fanatics.


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