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How many years since you got married? Was it 2 or 3? 15 or 17? No matter how long that you have been married to your life partner, your wedding anniversary is still something that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated every single year. I have now been married to my husband for a total of 6 years, and every year we love to do something a little bit different. My mum has been married to my dad for 35 years, and they still always do something special for their anniversary. Whichever way you look at it, the anniversary of your wedding is a big deal.

You still remember your wedding right? Being pumped so full of endorphins that you thought you might burst? Seeing your partner for the first time on the day and breaking into the biggest smile of your life and trying as hard as you could to hold back those happy tears that were forming?

Well, when you have your wedding anniversary roll around each year, you want to capture the spirit of the day by making it a little bit special for your partner. There are all sorts of things that you can do, but each year, I like to do a number of things to ensure my partner feels special.


First up: A Special Breakfast

Not everyone likes to do this one. And hey, some people really love having just a protein shake for breakfast, or even a cigarette and a coffee. But I think a bit of a unique breakfast is a great way to start the day for both of us. I’ll grab some croissants the day before, pick up a boutique jam, some vegemite, a nice blend for our coffee machine, and get to work in the kitchen. It’s not hard or time-consuming – pop those croissants in the oven and put the coffee machine on. Then we can both enjoy a lovely breakfast together that’s a little bit more spesh than just the regular old bowl of Weetbix.

And The Gift

A little token gift is all it takes for your wedding anniversary present. Since we’re dedicated to working off our mortgage as quickly as possible, we don’t go for high ticket items. Something as simple as a new tie or a new PlayStation game does the trick for us. As long as the gift is well thought out, then it’ll be special and appreciated to them.

During The Day: The Gift Basket at Work

While the hubby is at work, I like to send him a little gift, too. Since he’s not the biggest fan of flowers, I’ll send him through something like a beer, wine, and snacks gift basket, along with a note that says how much I love him. I think it’s always nice to send something to someone on a big occasion as a bit of a surprise. I think it’s a habit that I learned in high school when my girlfriends and I would always order flowers to school on each others’ birthdays. They were always a delight to receive and it put a smile on your dial having something to break up the usual every-day of the school day on your birthday.

At Night: The Dinner Out

On our wedding anniversary, we’ll always book a nice dinner out. Some people like to go to the same restaurant every time, and some people like to go to the hottest spot in the city each year. What we like to do is try out new cuisines or suburbs to eat in. Last year was an Ethiopian restaurant where you eat the food with your hands with the help of a pancake type of food! It was an interesting and fun experience. It’s fun to do a nice dinner out on your wedding anniversary – no matter which way that you want to go about it.

If  It Works: The Weekend Away

Spending quality time together for a weekend away is right up there on my list of most wanted things to do as a couple. It can be a flashy weekend in Dubai, Vegas, or New York, or you could go camping out in the national park or down at one of the little cabins in a remote town the coast. You know how you like to spend time away, so a weekend or a week away where you can reconnect just the two of you is ideal.

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