Top Tips for Elevating Your Pergola to Resort Level


If you’ve ever had a vacation or at least a night’s stay hotel, you probably want to relive the moments. From delicious cuisines to neat rooms with exquisite hospitality, every person craves liveable, tranquil, and private outdoor spaces. The pandemic has heightened the desire for home improvement because most companies encourage employees to work remotely.

As mentioned above, creating an outdoor relaxing space betters your home. Although you might not reach the treatment afforded at luxurious hotels, here are some valuable tips for elevating your pergola to resort level.

Install a Glass Ceiling

Nothing is as annoying as bird poop falling on your juice as you relax in your pergola. Such an incident can dampen your moods, like tree debris soiling your drinks or food. 

If you want to avoid these nuisances without compromising your view of the surroundings, consider installing a glass ceiling over your pergola. You donot have to buy a new one – recycling old pieces from your kitchen or bathroom is an excellent way of saving money. Besides, the ceiling will protect against rain.

Add Draping Curtains 

If you desire privacy, consider adding draping curtains to your pergola. Moreover, these additions protect you against sunshine and beautify your outdoor space.

You can make your pergola more suitable for a romantic occasion by adding full-length horizontal curtains. Adjusting the curtains allows you to regulate sunlight penetration and wind breezes for added comfort.

Alternatively, you can install roller blinds. These enable you to subdivide the pergola into smaller sections to exclude yourself from the larger group.

Add Hanging Hammocks

You can relive your five-star hotel experience by adding hammocks to your outdoor structure. If you prefer solace, install one hammock for relaxing as your sip your favourite drink or listen to music. You can make a hammock for two if you like hanging out with your significant other or invest in a set that accommodates your entire family. It’s up to you to choose the number you want.

Grow Flowering Vines

You can add style to your bare columns by growing flowering vines. They weave around the columns as the plants grow and enhance their visual appeal. Upon maturity, the vines provide shade and improve aeration inside your pergola.

Choose a variety that connects you to nature; for instance, morning glories are ideal if you’re an early riser. If you have kids, consider bright flowers that attract nectar feeders. You don’t need a green thumb to grow many of these plants, as most of them are hardy.

Think about Lighting

Every part of your home, including your pergola, needs to be usable throughout the day. Adding a strand of lights makes it possible to relax overnight as you hold social gatherings or family meals.

You can make it better by installing multi-coloured lights that allow you to choose different tones to match the occasion.

Consider Curvy Structures 

Most people prefer curvaceous structures over compact shapes. You can see this trend in the smartphone industry, where more customers are purchasing phones with curved model shapes and displays over compact designs. The same applies to your pergola. You can make it eye-catching by adding curves to the columns and other components.

Use Cedar Wood

Do you know that cedar can withstand all weather conditions and act as a natural insect repellent? More importantly, this species doesn’t warp and is mildew resistant.

Building your pergola using cedarwood guarantees durability. Adding a fireplace and a shade over the structure allows you to use it whenever you want.

Wrapping Up

Achieving the high standards of leading resorts can seem complicated, but it’s possible to recreate the cherished moments by upgrading your pergola. Like other home makeovers, pergola renovation enhances attractiveness and improves your property’s perceived value.

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About the Author: Varun Rana

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