Top Spots in Sydney For A Bbq

Top Spots In Sydney For A Bbq

Aside from a good grill, good food and good company, a good spot is prerequisite to an enjoyable BBQ. You can BBQ anywhere but it won’t feel the same if your spot is not conducive. Most people have private spots in their backyard but sometimes the same view day in day out gets blunt. Public BBQ spots around Sydney are popular. They are great if you are looking to explore new spaces, enjoy new views or meet up with other grilling enthusiasts. Here are some top spots in Sydney where you can enjoy a BBQ.

Berry Island Reserve

Located on the lower north shore, Berry Island Reserve boasts views over Sydney Harbour while offering the perfect ground for barbeques. The reserve is bordered by parks and linked to the mainland by walking trails and wide grassed causeways. Berry Island Reserve has playground facilities and is an ideal spot for families.

Clifton Gardens Reserve

If you have a portable grill, Clifton Gardens may be the place to go. Although the spot doesn’t hold barbeque facilities it’s popular among grilling enthusiasts. The reserve is located next to the Sydney Harbour National Park. It has enclosed baths, toilets and generous shade. As you enjoy your barbecue you can take jetty walks, enjoy ocean dips or take a trail walk

Pirrama Park

Located at the back of Pyrmont, Pirramma park is an excellent barbeque spot with unmatched views. It’s a highly sought-after picnic location in the city and offers numerous activities. If you go to Pirrama Park you will have a playground, cafes and floating pontoons at your disposal. Moreover, you get access for private boats to dock close by. Be sure to get your spot early before it goes and enjoy your barbeque until the sun sets.

Blackwattle Bay Park

Resting in the inner west of Sydney, Blackwattle Bay Park ranks among the top BBQ spots among the locals. Grilling at the park gives you a view of Rozelle Bay and the Anzac Bridge. The park is also great for riding bikes. If you are a dog lover this park is for you. You can enjoy your barbecue as your dog strolls off it’s leash. Yes, dogs are permitted off the leash but be sure to maintain safety.

Tamarama Park

Most Eastern Suburbs locals are familiar with Tamarama park. It’s a small park that boasts sheltered barbecues, a playground and cafes. The park sits behind Tamarama beach making an ocean dip a tempting interruption to your BBQ. Due to the limited BBQ spots, the park warrants an early arrival to have a full experience of barbecuing next to the ocean.

North Bondi Grassy Knoll

Popular among many locals, North Bondi Grassy Knoll is a unique spot. It has great views and a multitude of facilities from changing rooms and showers to coin operated barbeques. The place is great for barbeque breakfast considering you need to be there early. If you are looking for a full day of activities and barbecue, this is the place.

Sydney hosts numerous beautiful BBQ spots. Therefore, there is no excuse for not pulling out your portable BBQ or grilling over a coin operated grill. Go out and explore new spaces.

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