Top Reasons You Should Use A Charcoal BBQ

Top Reasons You Should Use A Charcoal BBQ

Great grilling can be hard on both charcoal and gas grills. Most grill masters, however, would swear by the charcoal barbeque. Even great fans of barbecued steaks always appreciate the flavour that comes with charcoal grilling. They are also convenient, less expensive and easy to maintain. These top reasons for using a charcoal barbecue are outlined here.

1. Taste and Health Benefits

Cooking over charcoal gives food a delicious smoky flavour than using other grill counterparts. The dry, white-hot heat of charcoal sears meat quickly, creating a crusty, caramelized exterior and a juicy moist flavour that is delicious. It cooks meat in slowly and over a long period to liquefy the fat ad makes the meat tender.

Using a charcoal grill over gas grills makes it possible for you to retain a healthy diet. Vegetable and other seafood retain more of their protein and minerals when they are grilled too. It also helps to retain more riboflavin and thiamine, which are nutrients that play a significant role in a healthy diet.

2. Cooks an Assortment of Foods

You can cook your steaks and vegetables at the same time on a charcoal barbeque. And yes, you can cook an assortment of foods on the same grill. The trick is to move the vegetables to the other side while your meat stays at the middle over the hot coals.

Continuously slow exposure to heat is the most reliable part in slow cooking using charcoal grills. The fat is separated from the meat to ensure it remains nutritious and keeps protein, vitamins and other minerals infused for a great taste.

3. Easy to Manage

Charcoal barbecues can be up and running in under 15 minutes; they don’t need much effort. All you require is a basic charcoal chimney and a wad of newspaper and a match. The age of lighter fluid and a carefully applied flame is over.

They are also easy to transport, as they don’t need huge propane tanks or long extension cords around. A bag of charcoal can easily be chucked into the car, and you’re set. If any repairs are needed, replacing the parts are not as expensive.

4. Burn Hotter than Gas Grills

Charcoal when it burns it produces intense heat with very little smoke, low and slow grilling. It gives your meal a pure and unique texture. It’s what lets you get that crispy, outer layer and tender meat inside. 

When coal is heated, it provides indirect flame or heat for cooking, and it won’t flare up in comparison to gas open grills.


Charcoal grilling might not offer the same level of convenience as gas, but they are less expensive. Charcoal produces smoke from volatile hydrocarbon, which gives it its delicious flavour to your food, unlike any other grilling counterparts. However, charcoal grills are messy, and it needs more clean-up after the grilling process is completed. The charcoal will also become more expensive in future or with continuous use. It all comes down to considerations of convenience, cost, flavour, and practicality.

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