Top 5 benefits of using a banner stand at your next event

banner stand

There are many good reasons why banner stands are a useful item to have in your *marketing kit*. Before you buy one take time to view the complete range of banner stands available, so you can purchase the style that suits your needs best, you really want to make the right decision if you want to get your brand, product or company noticed at the next expo, conference or trade event.

If you are new to the world of trade shows, conferences, expos and other events while they are all different events, they are also similar. If you do have a banner stand already, read on to see why they can be beneficial at your next event. If you don’t have a banner stand – here’s, why you should consider adding one to your marketing tool *kit*.


Benefits of banner stands:

  1. They are portable. In the past, you may have struggled with older banners at trade shows or exhibitions, and you know how difficult they can be. With banner stands most of your display will fit neatly into a small carry case, allowing you to carry more than one at a time, this makes them a lot easier to handle than bulky banners.
  2. They are affordable, when it comes to banner advertising for your business banners stands are one of the most affordable exhibition tools, and they can be less expensive than you think. Banner stands, with or without accessories are still one of the most cost-effective displays to use.
  3. They make a BIG impact. They don’t take up a lot of floor space, as they stretch UP and into the air, where they can easily catch someone’s attention, even if they are just walking by. Banner stands take up very little floor space and are perfect for expos, trade shows, and even your own shop floor.
  4. You can customise your banners. There is a range of stands available including double and single sided displays. Depending on the situation single sided banner stands are perfect when used against walls, while double-sided banner stands are perfect for capturing attention from both sides (depending on placement). Banner stands are reusable and swapping banners is fast and easy, allowing you to change banners to suit the event.
  5. They are simple to install. Apart from being portable banner stands are easy to install, and have been designed so one person can put the banner up in seconds, and they don’t need any special skills or tools, freeing up other staff to set up your stand or attend to other tasks while one person sets up the banner stand. You don’t need to bring along extra staff, saving you time and money.


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