Top 10 Tips to Make Your Pizza Date Night in a Success

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Pizza Date Night in a Success

You can dine out at a romantic restaurant, snuggle up at the cinema or dance the night away but there are few people who can resist a pizza night in. Good pizza is a start but to make the night really memorable, follow these few tips below.

1. Group Date!

Having a group date can help take care of any nervous date jitters, so invite your favourite couples and friends over to keep the night casual and fun. The more the merrier!

2 .Finger Food

Ordering a variety of sides to go with your pizza is a great way to get everyone going. Chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, side salads and bruschetta will keep the gang satisfied and topped up in between pizzas.

3. Get Creative

There are so many fun options when it comes to themes. For a tropical theme, try serving a ham and pineapple pizza, hand out Hawaiian Leis for all the guests and pour fruity drinks. Spooky movie lovers can indulge in a bit of fun with scary movies, dim the lights for atmosphere and followed with a few spicy pizza toppings.

4. Scrap the washing up

Grab some good quality paper plates and cups to make sure there is minimal washing up at the end of the evening. Serve pizza the way it was meant to be enjoyed – with your hands! And make sure there are lots of serviettes to wipe up the messy goodness.

5. Pizza Selection

A good rule of thumb is to order 1 pizza per person, there will always be leftovers and who doesn’t love cold pizza the next day? Make sure all dietary requirements and palettes are covered, as well as a few gourmet selections to make the night extra special. Try ordering a variety of pizzas – a seafood pizza, a meat lover’s pizza and a vegetarian option. Adding one or two classics like a margarita or a pepperoni will delight all the guests and keep tummy’s full and satisfied.

6. Game on!

Game classics like charades and Pictionary are mandatory for a great night in. Try Twister for the flexible and Truth or Dare for the brave. Winners can call dibs on the last slice of pizza and the losers have to help tidy up.

7.Signature Drinks

Creating a signature drink for the night will set the tone for a memorable pizza date night with a twist. Try jugs of cocktails and mocktails, or experiment with Italian specialties like Campari and Limoncello to keep everyone topped up. If all else fails, go for Italian favorites like red wine or a bottle of Prosecco. Don’t forget the espresso for that after dinner Italian style caffeine hit.

8. Dress Code: Comfort Wear

Pyjamas are optional but comfort chic should definitely be encouraged. The bonus of wearing loose, comfy clothes is not only feeling relaxed but there is more room for pizza! Make sure there are lots of pillows and gather everyone around the coffee table while you all dig into your pizzas and sides – keeping the atmosphere casual.

9. Dessert Time

Dessert pizzas are always a hit! Try topping off a Nutella pizza with a scoop of vanilla gelato, served with a nice strong coffee and enjoy. Another crowd pleaser is serving fresh fruit with gelato and you can experiment with a different flavor combinations.

10. Call a Taxi Home

Calling everyone an Uber or a Taxi to get everyone home safe is a great way to make sure everyone can relax and have a good time without worrying about the drive home. Now that everyone has made their way home, there is only one thing left to do …. Eat some cold pizza!


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