Top 10 Reasons to Install a UTE Tray

To install an aftermarket UTE tray or go with the factory-installed tub? That question will start heated debates among ute owners, but is there a right answer? 

Some swear that tubs are the way to go, while others wouldn’t live without a custom ute tray. With all the disparate answers, what’s best for your UTE?


10 reasons to install a UTE trays


Bottom line, when you look at the benefits that each offer, ute trays offer some key advantages. They’re more versatile, they add value to your vehicle, and you can customise them to fit your specific needs – whether work or pleasure.


 Top 10 reasons you might consider a ute tray



Factory-installed tubs have fewer options; whatever the manufacturer decides, that’s what you get. With an aluminium ute tray, you choose the exact specifications: size, colour, material and finish. If you’re a tradesman, you might prefer a sturdy aluminium tray, or if you want to add some custom style, you might choose a glossy finish, cab-matching tray.


Options and Accessories

With an aftermarket ute tray, you can mix and match accessories, which in some cases aren’t available with a tub. For instance, both trays and tubs accommodate lockable toolboxes and ladder racks. But ute trays have additional options like double-height or removable side rails and slide-out drawers.



Aluminium UTE trays are popular among tradies. That should tell you something – that aftermarket trays are designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday work. A properly installed, high-quality tray can easily last the lifetime of your vehicle.


A Tray Retains Its Value

Ute trays add value to your vehicle and then retain that value. In other words, if at a future date, you want to resell your UTE, a tray will help you command a higher asking price. Trays are highly sought-after on the used-car market, as well, so you’ll likely sell your ute faster.


Useful for Work

Compared to factory-fitted tubs, trays are better for work. They’re more versatile, have added loading capacity, and they can make work easier. Whatever type of work you do, the tray can be customised to fit your needs. You can’t expect that with a tub.


Increased Capacity

Tubs reduce available cargo capacity. Wheel wells, for example, can make it difficult to carry large equipment. Trays are designed for hauling equipment, boxes and tools. Removable side rails help make loading and unloading easier. Also, without side rails, the tray is like a flatbed, enabling you to load large equipment or appliances that wouldn’t have fit otherwise.


Added Security

Ute trays can be equipped with a range of security features. A lockable toolbox allows you to protect your tools at the worksite. And locking drawers are another add-on that can help to keep your supplies and equipment safe.


Ute Trays Look Professional

If you’re a tradie, you want to look the part when you arrive at the job site. An aftermarket ute tray adds legitimacy to your business. You’ll look professional, and your customers will know that you’re not just “some guy with a truck.”


May Qualify as a Tax Write-Off

If your ute is used primarily for work, a new work-related tray may qualify as a tax write-off. Many vehicle upgrades that are used for work qualify. In other words, there may be a tax incentive to upgrading your utility truck.


Transform an Old Truck

Finally, you can completely change the look of an old truck by installing a new ute tray. Remove the corroding tub, install an aluminium tray, and you have a truck that looks newer. This also works if your ute’s tub has been damaged due to an accident or has started to rust.

When it comes to the tub or tray question, everyone has an answer. But on paper, it’s easy to see that UTE trays offer some key advantages over factory-installed tubs. Whether you use your ute for work, or you need a versatile truck to fit your lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons to consider an aftermarket tray.

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