Tips for the Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

Tips for the Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

It’s a typical cultural affair in many developed countries. Friends and family gather around during special occasions, usually to celebrate success. During these weekends, one of the primary activities includes preparing a barbeque on outdoor grills. Friends and family can bond over issues that bring them together as they wait for the meat to be ready, tender, and juicy.

Cooking on a charcoal grill might prove to be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. People are usually afraid to produce a mediocre barbeque, and the pressure increases tenfold if you’re with friends and family. No need to worry though, we have got you covered. In the following article, you will come across some fantastic tips that will come in handy to cook the perfect charcoal barbeque.

Ensure You Have The Right Equipment

Quite obviously, you’ll need to have a charcoal barbeque grill before actualising any other plans. You will find it wise to buy a grill based on the number of times you intend to use it and the available space in your household. Small charcoal burners are best for small backyards, while larger ones with multi-purposes are suitable for bigger homes. If you plan to go on picnics and hikes where you can enjoy a barbeque, it’s wise to acquire a portable grill.

Chimney Starters

These have proven to be indispensable for charcoal grilling. They accelerate the light-up process and get the charcoal bricks super-hot in fifteen minutes, with just a match and a piece of paper. Since you aren’t using any lighter fluid, the risks of explosions or a barbeque with a petrol taste are eliminated.

Better Be Ready

Beginners must be aware of the enormous differences between regular cooking and charcoal grilling. When cooking, it’s usually possible to multitask and conduct other activities like doing dishes or setting the dinner table since the food requires little supervision while it’s cooking. However, when barbequing on a charcoal grill, it’s prudent that you stay alert from the moment the charcoal bricks get hot. Consider doing all the preparations beforehand to avoid any distractions during the actual grilling.

Use The Correct Quantity of Coal

Once you get comfortable using the chimney starter, everything seems more manageable, especially the question of how much charcoal to use. The level of coal can easily approximate the grill temperature in the chimney starter. 

Oil and Preheat The Grill

If you do not want food to stick on your charcoal, you must apply oil to the cooking grate. Furthermore, preheating is vital since cooking on a cold grill is time consuming, and the barbeque might be overcooked. To ensure safety, you should consider oiling the grate before you place it over the hot coals. 


The functionality of a charcoal grill does not permit adjustment of temperatures via a simple knob-like with gas grills. You can only control the temperatures that the coals on your grill burn by regulating the flow of oxygen through the opening and closing of the vents. If you open the vents, more air flows in and accelerates the burn rate, and hence the grill gets hotter. Limiting the oxygen flow does the opposite and slows down the burn rate of the charcoal grill. You will have to remove any ash in the grill that may cause blockage in the vents.

Add Flavouring to Your Barbeque

There are plenty of ways you can bolster the taste of your barbeque. One of the simplest tricks is the usage of glazes that you brush onto the meat during the final stages of grilling. These glazes can be made from a wide range of spices and herbs, based on your personal preferences. You must have these ready before you start barbequing on your charcoal grill. An experienced griller can also marinate the meats to infuse flavours and help in tenderising the meat. 


If you want your barbeque to have a unique, yummy taste, you should invoke individual creativity. You can research your peers and experts to find out better and little-known tricks that can lead to a savoury steak that your guests will remember for a while. You can watch a few cooking shows or visit blogs to gain more knowledge.


Preparing the perfect charcoal barbeque is not a straightforward affair. Various tidbits can lead to the best steak, and it is wise to adhere to the important ones highlighted in the above article.

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