Tips for Reducing Energy Costs This Winter

When the temperature starts to drop our bodies start to get cold, and need keeping warm! What this often means, though, is that our bills for electricity and gas start going up, or even for the wood needed to burn on our wood fire.

So what we need to figure out is how to stay warm without our costs over winter rising too much. There are a number of different ways that you can do this:

Rug up!

The easiest way to stay warm is simply to put more clothes on! Layering in energy efficient fabrics, such as wool, can help to keep you warm. You lose the most heat through your feet and head, so get on a pair of uggs and socks, and invest in a good beanie.

Purchase an energy efficient heater

Do you know what the energy rating your current heater/s have? If you have older heaters then you may have lost the stickers, and they are probably not as energy efficient as you may like. It might be the time to purchase some new ones! Choose heaters with the most energy efficient star rating to keep those bills down.

Switch your single pane glass windows to double or thermal glazing

If you have single pane glass windows it can be letting a lot of the heat escape your home. By switching to either thermal glazing or double glazing, or even double thermal glazing, you can help to keep more heat in your home, thus reducing the amount of heat your heaters need to produce.

Put down rugs

Floors are super cold in winter! If you have stone, wood, or other cold surfaces underfoot, then a simple way to insulate them a little is to put rugs down in areas that you use often.

Redo your roof insulation

How long since your roof insulation was installed? If it’s been 15 to 20 years, then your insulation generally starts to break down. It might be time to redo your roof insulation if this is the case. Get the experts out for this one.

Turn off heating overnight

While it’s tempting to leave the heating on overnight if it’s super cold, it’s not a great idea for your energy bills. Put extra blankets on the bed and switch off your heating before going to sleep to start saving a bundle – after all, that’s an extra 8 hours of heating.

Doberman Windows and Doors can help if you would like to buy new energy efficient glass windows in double or thermal glazing, and in some cases can even add the extra glazing to your current windows. Ask our friendly staff which is the best option for your home when it comes to having a more energy efficient winter.

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