Timber Decking Restoration 101

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Having timber decking on your patio adds charm and beauty to your home’s exterior. It also gives you extra space outdoors to hold parties and get-togethers. While a wooden deck is indeed great to have, it also comes with a few challenges that you will have to face eventually.

Timber decking looks great when it is first installed but over time, wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements can make your deck look dull and unattractive. This is when you should contemplate a restoration project. Restoring your wooden decking can be done with the help of professionals or you can try to do this on your own.

What to Do When Restoring Your Timber Decking

  • The first thing you need to do when you are planning on fixing the decking on your patio is to check for serious damage. Exposure to rain, UV rays, foot traffic, and other damaging elements can cause structural damage to your deck. Wood rot is your worst enemy here so you need to address this issue first before you do anything else.
  • The next thing you need to do is to clean and wash your deck thoroughly. Remove any and all debris that you find on the surface of your wooden deck. Take extra care to remove any dirt trapped in between planks when you do this. Washing your timber deck is the only way you can remove moulds, mildew,hard-to-remove dirt, and oxidation from the wood. Use a commercial-grade cleaner for this to ensure that all contaminants are removed. You will also need to use a hard bristled brush to scrub the surface thoroughly when you do this.
  • The third step in this process is the stripping of the old finish from your timber decking. Use a deck finish stripper to do this. Wear protective clothing when you do this step since strippers are caustic and can emit fumes. Areas that you don’t want the stripper to touch should be covered and protected. These include patio furniture, plants, and other surfaces. Follow the usage instructions for this product and wash the stripper off as soon as your timer dictates that it is time to do so.
  • If your deck has stains, remove these with non-chlorinated bleach. This will also help remove stubborn mould and mildew. Let your deck dry after this thorough cleaning. If there are areas that need sanding, this is the time to do it. You can also apply wood brightening products to your timber decking to make it look fresh and new.
  • Once your deck is as dry as it can possibly be, you can now apply the sealer to it. Make sure that you apply an even coat so that there are not areas that are exposed to the elements. The best type of sealer to use is one that repels moisture and keeps bugs away from the wood. These are oil or paraffin sealers. You can also choose to use sealers that offer additional protection with the use of UV protective blockers or pigments. Apply this sealer with a brush or paint roller, making sure to dry each coat before adding another. Ideal application is two coats.

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