The Top 10 Leading Causes of Mouth Discomfort

Ugh! My mouth hurts! Whether it’s your teeth, gums, inside of your mouth, or even your lips, we can all experience some mouth discomfort from time to time. A lot of the time, it’ll simply go away on its own after a day or two, but for other things, you’ll have to get treatment – often with a dentist, but sometimes with medication or a change in lifestyle, too.

Our article today outlines the top 10 leading cause of mouth discomfort, in both kids and adults. How many of these different mouth discomfort things have you experienced so far in your lifetime?

1. Mouth Ulcers

Ouuuuch! Mouth ulcers are a pain in… well the mouth really! You usually get mouth ulcers on the insides of your cheeks, however they can appear anywhere in the mouth, including on the tongue. Mouth ulcers can be a sign of something more sinister, so get them checked out.

2. Sensitive teeth

There are many, many people who have sensitive teeth. They are generally sensitive to extreme temperatures, like cold ice cream, or super hot coffee. It can help using a sensitive toothpaste, and by avoiding foods and drinks that cause sensitivity

3. Toothache

A toothache is generally indicative of a problem with your tooth itself, and this is generally decay. If you are experiencing a toothache that doesn’t go away then you need to get down to your dentist pronto to get things checked out, you may need a filling.

4. Burning the roof of your mouth

Haha this one happens to the best of us. Maybe you’ve got a delicious cup of piping hot chocolate, or you were just too keen to tuck into that Shepard’s pie that was fresh out of the oven. Before you know it, you’ve scorched the top of your mouth and ruined your delicious treat.

5. Gum disease

Gum disease can make your gums feel like they are actually inflamed – not a nice feeling, let me tell you. By taking good care of your teeth and gums you can avoid gum disease and even get rid of it. Brushing, flossing, mouthwash. You know the drill, so do it!

6. Bitten your mouth or tongue

Another one from that pesky food on our list! You were so excited tucking into that shepherds pie too fast and you bite down on your cheek or tongue. Yeeeouch! Plus, if you keep eating with such vigour you might even do it a second time in the one meal. Slow down there tiger. Eating is not a race, and if you eat slowly then you’ll be able to savour every bite!

7. Wisdom teeth coming through

If the back teeth and gums in your mouth are hurting then it might be a sign that your wisdom teeth are coming through. Most people do not have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth to come in so they will require removing. The lucky ones don’t have them come in at all. Removing wisdom teeth is actually a surgical operation so you might need to take a few days off work or study for this one.

8. Allergic reactions

Ever seen someone with huge swollen lips and mouth? This is down to an allergic reaction. While many people don’t find these painful, they can be at times. Usually, it is simply alarming to find yourself looking so swollen when looking in the mirror.

9. Cold sores

Some people simply just carry the gene for cold sores, while others don’t. For those that do, they can not only be unsightly, but painful, too. Many women find that they will crop up at key times in their monthly cycle. You can try prescriptive medicine for these. There are also over the counter creams and salves that can be applied if you start feeling that tingling occurring before a cold sore crops up.

10. Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis can be a recurring condition that many children get, which also results in them generally taking their tonsils out. It can be very painful and usually requires you to stay home from work or school for an episode. Removing tonsils can be a great help for this.

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