The Growth of the Work Shed

Garden Shed

Gone are the days when the humble garden shed was kept in a lonely corner of your backyard and all it did was house tools and other things that you didn’t really want in your home.

Today, garden sheds have evolved into something much more. There are people who have converted these little spaces into living areas, children’s playhouses, she-sheds, card or cigar rooms, study rooms, music rooms, and even work sheds.

Sheds have, in fact, become very popular work spaces, with many people now starting running their businesses from the garden sheds in their backyards!

Who Uses Work Sheds?

At one time, when we used the term work shed, it meant a place where you could work with your tools. Today, the term means using it as a workplace. There are people from all industries that are using the sheds in their garden sheds as a place of work.

It isn’t just the creative people who are using their sheds to work. There are entrepreneurs who make jewellery, handicrafts, clothes, run their IT related businesses, carry out online training programs, run their social media companies and so on from these tiny structures.

Why Are Work Sheds Becoming So Popular?

There are many reasons why work sheds are growing in popularity:

Garden Sheds

Expensive Office Space

When you start your own business, you do so with a very limited budget. And having to pay rent or to buy your own office space may be out of reach at this time.

It is much cheaper to buy or build a shed in your backyard than it is to add an extra room to your house.

Clear Delineation of Work Space

Your shed is usually at the end of the garden, away from your home. So, there is a clear delineation between where you work and where you live.

Psychologically, this makes a huge difference in being able to focus on your work. Added to that, when you’re working in your office, then your family knows that they need to leave you to it. This way, even though you are still on your property, you still get to keep your business and personal life apart.

Adding Value to Your Property

When you build a shed, it increases the value of your property. And when you convert it into a work space, you also do it up, thereby increasing the overall appeal of your property.

Saving on Commuting

One of the biggest pain areas for people who work in offices is the commute to work. Traffic jams, trying to find parking spaces, or just travelling on public transport can be a time-consuming and exhausting exercise that needs to be repeated on a daily basis.

A Peaceful Place to Concentrate

When you convert your shed into a work place, you not only save money on commuting, you also save time and are less exhausted.

A recent survey showed that more than 50% of employees were dissatisfied with their workplace’s design. Today, most offices have open floor plans and hot-desking is a common practice. Noise levels are high and it can become very difficult to concentrate.

Having your own quite office without the stress of dealing with the noise and interruptions you have in your workplace can really make you more productive.

Approachable, Non-Intimidating Environment

When you work from your shed, you can turn it into a place that is comfortable for you. This means that you can create an environment for yourself that doesn’t intimidate or stress you out. It becomes your work nest, rather than your office.

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