The Difference between Security Door Grilles and Exterior Window Shutters

Security Door Grilles

In a world where crime rates increase daily, investing in the right security solutions will go a long way in safeguarding your property and yourself. 

With all the security screen options out there, choosing the right one for your home or business can be a difficult task.

Door grilles and window shutters are popular security options, but how exactly do they differ, and how far do they go in keeping your property secured? Let’s find out the difference between security door grilles and exterior window shutters.

Defining grilles and shutters

Security door grilles are designed to keep intruders away while unobtrusively letting in light and air. Most are retractable, allowing for flexibility. Their distinct advantage comes from being made of metal, proving them strong against different tools a burglar might attempt to use to gain entry. They are ideal for use in both homes and business premises.

Exterior window shutters come in different designs and materials. There is something for everyone depending on the intended use and house style.

Now that we understand the purpose of each of the two security features, let’s evaluate what differentiates them.


As the doorway entry is bigger than a window space, grilles are more extensive than window shutters. Grilles have a framed lattice design and are retractable, while shutters are constructed as sheets that can be pulled up or down manually or mechanically.

Shutters are also available in either build-in or built-on designs. Built-in shutters are fixed into the window, with all their components hidden. Once the window is opened, they disappear. Built-on shutters are fixed onto the window and visible on the surface installed. Built-in designs are great for aesthetics, while the built-on options give your property a more traditional appearance.


Shutters have the added advantage of lowering your power bills because they insulate your property. You are guaranteed cool conditions during hot spells and a warmer interior during colder seasons.

Grilles don’t make any insulation difference to your home, as installing security grilles does not regulate the airflow.


Grilles provide a cost-efficient security system for your home or business. Window shutters are pricier as they are more intricately designed and use more material than door grilles.

Another consideration affecting the price of roller shutters is whether they are automated or manual. The automated system will be costlier as it has added hardware and features. Contemporary designs even allow for shutter control through a smartphone application, giving you the added advantage of securing your premises from remote locations.

Fire Safety

The engineering of a variety of window shutters now incorporates a fire retardant coating. Should an external fire erupt, these shutters will contain the flames and keep your property safe.

Security grilles are not equipped with such engineering. As there are gaps between the grille bars, flames can easily pass through.


Window shutters shield against flying debris and noise associated with any storm. On days when the sun is shining too brightly for your liking, shutters will block out the sun’s rays and create an interior conducive to you.

Security grilles do not offer this added protection from adverse weather or extreme sunlight.

In conclusion

Both security door grilles and exterior window shutters offer security for your premises; shutters have a distinct advantage of value addition from their design. Although window shutters are costlier, they are worth the investment for the overall protection of your home.

About the Author: Varun Rana

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