The Difference Between Interior Design and Property Styling

property styling

There are many similarities between property styling and interior design. However, there is so much more to property styling than just interior home decor, contrary to popular opinion.

Property styling is much more intricate in its entirety. Beyond arranging furniture in a room and making the most of space, a lot goes into market research and the psychological aspects of design.

Architectural studies of home spaces is another aspect of property styling that sets it high and apart from interior design. So let us delve into the comparison between interior design and property styling to understand their differences better.

Property styling

Also recognized by the term home staging, property styling is an elaborate process that entails using a vast scope of design and presentation tactics to magnify the appeal of interior spaces.

A property stylist performs the technical task of vamping up a home with the expected outcome that the home is alluring. Many homeowners invest significantly to have these stylists enhance the appearance of the houses they own.

Styling increases the value of a house with a significant margin. As a result, you will find several buyers lining up to buy a home that a property stylist has worked on extensively.

By picking out the most magnificent art pieces, furniture, home decorations and accessories, home stylists make the most of the property space. The stylist’s delicate touch ensures spectacular results.

A reliable stylist will take responsibility for all planning, orders and delivery of items, relieving you of the undue pressure that comes with it.

Property styling is much more than just interior design.

Interior design involves practical creations to personalize a homeowner’s space. With property styling, you recreate a room without necessarily implementing practical design work. This requires creativity, and less time is involved.

A home stylist will work with the best aspects of a space to enhance it further. They may use the items already present to recreate the space by tweaking elements of decor and placement.

The ultimate goal of interior design and home styling are not the same.

With interior design, the technician’s primary goal is to merge the homeowner’s vision and personal aesthetic with the reality of functionality within the home.

Your designer will work hand in hand with you to realize your vision while ensuring your desired appearance doesn’t affect the function of the room. For example, if you may want a shiny bright floor in your kitchen.

Your designer will create this by tiling your floor with bright and gleaming tiles while ensuring the material is slip resistance.

On the other hand, a home stylist has the ultimate goal to emphasize the superior features of a space to make it more appealing. The aim is primarily to attract buyers and promote sales.

Your home stylist will look at the most attractive elements of your home and work with them to make the space more beautiful. This involves the use of aspects such as lighting.

Your stylist will maximize your room’s lighting if that is what makes it most captivating in its original state. This could be achieved by using reflective colours on the walls to enhance the natural light in the room.

Though the methods used in interior design and property styling are different, their result is almost the same; to create the most charming home.

Home styling is as important as interior design. A home stylist is of great value in enhancing the appeal of your home using what’s in the space.

Call a property stylist if you want to make your home homier.

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