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The summer sun with cloudless skies and irresistibly warm outdoor temperatures call to mind but one thing: vacation. Moreover, one type of vacation appeals to most everyone: spending time at a resort where you can while away the time next to a swimming pool, making the most of your time here. But what if you can’t go to a resort? What if, especially in these times where lockdowns affect travel plans, the best you can do is plan to have a staycation? Well, you don’t have to despair. There is a workaround. Now, you can use a little creativity to transform your swimming pool area into a resort of your own.

One of the simplest methods of transforming your poolside area into the ideal ‘homemade resort’ is using plants. Tropical plants in particular. These types of greenery can dramatically affect your yard’s aesthetic, thus helping you create the perfect outdoor oasis. The trick lies in selecting the right ones.

Here is a list of the best poolside plants to create a resort feel at home:

Palm Trees

Nothing embodies the resort aesthetic more readily than the palm tree. Hence a poolside iteration will benefit from adding a few of these plants. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, there are numerous palm tree species from which you can make a selection. They all differ in shape and size; therefore, you can choose the ones which you feel suit your yard area best.


These are a species of flowering plants of worldwide renown. They thrive in tropical areas thus are particularly suited to creating a resort feel. Hibiscus plants produce flowers of varying colours, including purple, yellow, pink and white. Therefore, if you are working with a specific colour theme, these plants will allow you the opportunity to select the best hue.

Pro tip: if you want to enhance the impact of your hibiscus flowers, plant some frangipani next to them.

Tree Ferns

Tree ferns are green tropical plants whose size varies from species to species. While some, like the dwarf tree fern, are smaller, others, like the Australian type, grow to impressive heights (up to 10 metres). Therefore, if you opt for the larger ones, you can have greenery that provides valuable shade while adding beauty to your poolside area

Ornamental Ginger

These plants are a flowering but inedible variety of the ginger plant. Although you can’t consume them, these lush tropical plants produce beautiful flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours. So, adding this plant will certainly make a statement with flower shades like a bulbous red-orange type or the more elongated purple-blue variety.


Bamboo is a hardy plant. When you use it within a garden area, it calls to mind the image of a tranquil, Zen space ideal for hiding away and rediscovering peace. There are numerous bamboo species throughout the world. The one you choose to plant depends on your preference. If you want a tall variety, it is best to seek the China Gold or Slender Weaver types. Alternatively, the dwarf green stripe bamboo has a shorter yet more green and leafy appearance.

Using plants to create a resort feel to your poolside is the most immediate option you can utilize. And yet, despite its seeming ease, you will also have a stunning outcome that will be sure to instil a new appreciation of your pool area.

About the Author: Varun Rana

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