The Best Foundation Application Tricks of The Trade

The Best Foundation Application Tricks of The Trade

Foundation can be a scary thing for those who haven’t used it. From choosing the correct shade, the tools used to apply it and how to apply it. All these things can leave anyone’s head spinning.

The Best Foundation Application Makeup Tricks of The Trade

Do not worry though, we’re here to give you a helping hand in tackling your fear of makeup head on.

1.       Throwing Shade

Finding the perfect shade for your complexion is the first step to looking like a professional has done your makeup. There are a few ways to figure this out.

  • Go to your local drugstore and test a few foundations out yourself
  • Have someone at a makeup counter do it for you
  • Make an appointment with a professional makeup artist and have them suss you out

Once you’ve discovered what your perfect shade is you should you can move onto the next step.

2.       Wet or Dry

Now, you have to decide which would work the best for you. Most brands have their foundation in both powder and cream.

If your skin leans towards being more oily, a powder foundation might work best for you. And if your skin is of the normal to dry kind then a cream foundation might be best suited for your skin type. The only way to know is to try out both and wear it for a day to see how it feels and how long it stays put.

3.       What Comes Before

Now that you’ve discovered your perfect foundation you are probably very excited to wear it out. First things first though. You need to have a good routine when it comes to your face. A nice face wash, toner, and moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out, looking tired or looking oily.

So before applying your makeup, make sure to first wash and prep your face.

4.       Prime

After you’ve prepped your face you can use a primer to help your foundation from sinking into any fine lines or pores. The primer helps the foundation last longer as well, so if you feel your moisturizer isn’t enough then invest in a good silicone-based product.

You’ll have to wait for your moisturizer to completely be absorbed before applying your new best friend.

5.       Powder

If you’re using a powder a foundation then a kabuki brush is the best way to apply it. Make sure to invest in a good brush.

When applying make sure to stroke out instead of in working your way to the outside out of your face. For example from your nose up towards your hairline. If you’re planning on using concealer, apply it before applying your foundation.

6.       Cream

If you’re using a cream foundation a sponge is the best way to go, just make sure to purchase a good quality one. The wedge-shaped sponge is perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, otherwise, the egg-shaped sponge that has become popular in recent years is just as good.

Pour or squeeze a little of foundation onto your hand then dip your sponge into it, now apply by using small feathery strokes, working in a downward direction. If you want a little more of a sheer look you can dip the sponge into some lukewarm water.

7.       When the Foundations Been Laid Down

Now that you’ve applied your foundation you can work on applying the rest of your makeup. A good solid foundation means your look is going to be fabulous, whatever your style.

Lastly, if you’re still unsure on how to proceed with foundation or any type of makeup you can always book a session with your local makeup courses artist Sydney so she or he can teach the correct way to apply it.

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