Techniques to Open Up Smaller Eyes with Makeup

Some of us weren’t blessed with naturally large eyes. Luckily, we’ve got makeup to the rescue! We all know by now that we can use contouring to give ourselves a wicked makeup nose job, and a good lip liner and lipstick application method instead to get a fuller pout without fillers – but we can also open up our smaller eyes by using a few different makeup techniques designed to make our eyes appear larger and pop more.

Here are 8 techniques you need to know to make smaller eyes stand out more.

Grab a good concealer

If there’s one thing that can make smaller eyes appear smaller and more receding, it’s dark under eye circles. Just using a regular foundation, or a cut price concealer in this area is probably not going to cut it. For dark under eye circles use a quality dark circle colour correcting concealer to get the skin to a good colour level before starting work on the eye itself.

Find out your ideal eyebrow shape

Before we get onto the eye makeup, we’ve also got to look above the eye, as well as below, too: let’s concentrate on the brow. Finding the best brow shape and position for the eyes can make a huge amount of difference, especially with a heavy set brow. Some women choose to wax or laser their natural brows off completely, so they can draw or tattoo the ideal shape and position in.

Techniques to Open Up Smaller Eyes with Makeup

Line your waterlines with a white or off white eyeliner

You’ve probably found out the hard way that lining the inner rims or waterlines of small eyes with a dark colour only makes the eyes look smaller. Choose to go for a white or off white eyeliner pencil for the waterline, as it extends the natural colour of the eye, making it appear larger.

Push in eyeliner into your top upper lashes

Just because you’ve got white or off white waterlines doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t be thinking about dark eyeliner. A black, dark brown, or even navy, pushed into the lash line from above will define the eyes without being too heavy. Avoid a thick upper lash liner, as this can make the eyes smaller again.

Go lighter with your eyeshadows

People with large eyes can get away with very dark eyeshadow choices. These should (generally) be shied away from with smaller eyes. A lighter brown or purple shade can be used effectively, with just a dark small wing extending at the outer eye for a bit more depth. You can also try experimenting with bright colours and glitters, as it won’t be a case of going way overboard with something crazy.

Apply a white or very light eye shadow near to the inner eye

Conversely, at the other end of the eye, towards the bridge of the nose, it should be about very light eyeshadow. Put white or light eyeshadow (particularly in shimmery colours) around the inner v of the eye and then sweep the colour up towards the brow bone and towards the centre of the lid. Choose a little bit of light peach eyeliner under your lower lash line centre to make the eye pop more.

Open ‘em up with an eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers are a severely underutilised tool! Some people are #blessed with naturally curly lashes, and the rest of us? Well, we’ve got eyelash curlers and mascara for that. Curled eyelashes can really open up an eye, so it’s worth using a pair of curlers. Far more effective than a regular pair are the heated eyelash curlers – don’t worry, they’re not hot enough to burn, like your hair irons. Curl away, mascara, and then curl again when dry if required.

Draw a crease above your natural eyelid crease

You might have seen this technique floating around YouTube for a few years now. On Asian lids, without a double crease, or with people who just have a very small eyelid space, you can literally draw in another crease, where you think that it should be. This requires quite a good bit of makeup wizardry and isn’t just a 5 minute job to get right. Check out some YouTube tutorials if you’re interested.

There are many different makeup tricks that you can apply to have small eyes looking bigger like a pro. Using quality makeup brands and tools makes the job a lot easier too. The trick to doing makeup is always that practice makes perfect and that everyone is different!


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