The Growth of the Work Shed

Garden Shed

Gone are the days when the humble garden shed was kept in a lonely corner of your backyard and all it did was house tools and other things that you didn’t really want in your home. Today, garden sheds have evolved into something much more….

What to Look for in a Garden Shed Manufacturer

Garden Sheds Melbourne

These days, homeowners have an endless amount of choice when it comes to their storage solutions. Whether you choose to rent out a storage unit, free up an extra bedroom inside your home or build on additional storage space, there are plenty of options to…

Protect your wheels

Around the world, garages are built for cars, bicycles, boats, and even surfboards. Most of the time the garage ends up as a depository for junk and clutter, while the vehicle itself remains ‘homeless’ in the driveway. So you could Marie Kondo your ‘storage locker’…