Surprising Facts About Marble And Marble Tile

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The use of marble and tiles has been around for centuries. It’s risen to rank among the most sought after materials by construction companies. Not is a marble tile luxurious, but it’s also durable. 

Most people love marble and marble tiles because it fits in a variety of interior designs. That means you can switch between different styles without worrying about changing your floor. Also, marble is effortless to clean. You can use a broom and a mop on it without damaging it. 

Marble’s versatility is another of its characteristics that make it very famous. You can use a marble tile on kitchen tops, bathroom, home pathways, patios, and more. But that’s not all. You can use marble tiles, both indoors and outdoors.

There are many other things you may not already be aware of about marble and marble tiles. Here are some of them.

1.Beautiful Because It’s Impure

Marble tiles look elegant, yet their beauty is a result of the impurities it contains. Some of these particles that add to its great looks are sand, clay, and iron oxides, among others.

2.Ideal for People Who Suffer From Allergies

Worried that your floor may affect you because of one or more allergies? Worry not if you’re using marble tiles. A marble tile boasts of a non-porous finish that makes it difficult for allergens to thrive.

3.It Comes From Dolomite or Limestone

You love marble tiles? Well, it’s good to know that its formation begins from soft stone. The stone goes through heat and pressure that transforms it into that beautiful marble that you use on your floors.

4.Used in Famous Structures

Marble stone has made a name for itself over time, finding its way to some very famous buildings. A few of these are Taj Mahal, The Washington Monument, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Green Temple of Apollo, and the Washington D.C. Supreme Court.

5.Easy to Clean and Doesn’t Wear Out From Cleaning

While other floors would require a meticulous cleaning process, things are different when it comes to a marble tile. All you need is a disinfectant, a broom and a mop to get the job done. Because of this nature, you can use marble tiles in places that require regular cleaning and where special care isn’t guaranteed.

6.A Good Choice for the Outdoor

Some flooring options, although so beautiful, aren’t ideal for the outdoors. The weather and other environmental factors easily damage such materials. Surprisingly, though, marble tiles withstand these environmental dictates and, therefore, will serve you for many years on the outdoor with great success. And if your concern is that the users of the floor may slip on the marble, ask an expert to help you choose the right texture that will provide a perfect grip for both wet and dry surfaces.

7.Heat Resistant, Meaning Cooler Home

We all love that serene environment at home. Whether it’s hot outside, you expect your interiors to remain welcoming. You can achieve that by using marble tiles. Marble tiles don’t absorb heat, making it possible for your indoors to be refreshing even during a hot summer day.

8.Environmental Friendly Extraction

The extraction of marble doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. The quarrying of this stone, therefore, remains environmentally friendly. Also, when using them on your floors or walls or whatever other surfaces, you don’t have to add any chemicals. Therefore, any damaged pieces of this stone can safely be put back into the quarry without risking the environment.

Once you’re ready to install marble floors, do a little research on the right hardware store to supply you. If you’re not sure about the right texture to choose, seek expert advice.

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