Summer Hair Styles to Try This Year

summer hair style

The cold is gone, and the sun is out. Time to let your hair down and tease it with the summer breeze. Aussie styles in 2018 are influenced by trends from around the world, seeing as they had their summer fun a few months before we did. On the upside, they’ve left lots of styling options for us to try. For example, if your hair is susceptible to humidity and frizz, consider a braided hairdo or protect your tresses with hair extensions.

You don’t have to braid your whole head, but you can turn a bad hair day into a cute accessory day. Plait a single braid on the side of your head (or maybe two or three), creating an asymmetric look. The rest of your hair will still be frizzy, so you can ‘hide’ it under a colourful scarf or stylish summer hat, with just a few locks peeking out. The loose bun is another easy fix for stubborn frizz. The messy bun will look intentionally haphazard, especially if you hold it back with a pencil or a decorative porcupine quill.


Messy but pretty

Loose styling says ‘I’m cool and casual’ rather than ‘I hate my frizzy hair!’ Think of it as stylish camouflage. Another alternative is to hold the base in a tight, high ponytail, then braid the rest of the hair into a braid down your back, or pigtails. Match your girly do with a playful outfit that’s young and flirty while remaining age appropriate. You don’t want to look like you’re ‘trying to be cool’ or ‘dressing too young.’ It’s summer, so you can rock shorts, small sundresses, sandals, or even low-top sneakers to go with your teen-ish hair.

If you like the casual effect of a messy bun but you want to dress it up for an evening out, consider coiling it into a chignon. Twist your locks at the back and keep loose poofs at the front, holding everything in place with bobby pins. The look works well with a sparkling cocktail dress and pendant earrings. For your dress, pick a neckline that draws attention to your nape. We don’t use it much, but it was once considered a woman’s most attractive body part (back in the Victorian age) and with summer heat, it could be an excuse to bring it back.


Wispy and breezy

Just be sure to use lots of sunscreen if your hair is up for a daytime event. You don’t want your neck red, raw, caked, and sore. Remember, the sun is affecting your hair as well, so keep it moisturised and conditioned to prevent it from getting dry and brittle. Moistening hair products have one extra benefit. As the sun and breeze evaporate them, it cools your head, giving you a pleasant tingling. You could further protect your hair by reducing exposure.

This doesn’t mean you hide indoors or wear hats all the time, but you can certainly use a half-do to keep the bulk of your hair tucked away. Leave it half up and half down. It gives you a nice, semi-casual look and reduces sun damage. Keep the tied ends smooth and slicked with bobby pins, and wear the loose ends in wide waves that float in the breeze and bounce when you walk. To take even more advantage of those breezy summer winds, wear your hair in a wisp. Hold it back in a low bun and release a few strands to droop over your eyes.


Slick those waves

You could play up the other end though, going for a slick, wet look, like you’ve just stepped out of the waves. Except you can wear this ‘mermaid’ styling all day. Apply a generous amount of (non-greasy) pomade then brush your hair back. You can style it flat against your scalp or down over your neck and shoulders. The style works with both long and short hair, and it draws attention to your facial features, so contour your best angles, whether it’s your cheek bones or your eye-line.

Slicked back hair doesn’t work as well with denser curl patterns, so if your hair type is a 3 or a 4, you could opt for a high ponytail topped with an ‘afro puff’. The size of the puff is up to you (and your natural hair length). It can be a small cotton tail or a wide mane that’s closer to your forehead. You can hold the hair with bobby pins or decorative butterfly clips. Keep the ponytail tight for a formal function, or release some tendrils for a lighter look.

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