Summer BBQ Trends Through The Years

summer bbq


We can’t say enough positive things about the barbecue, particularly the summer barbecue.  While any barbecue with your loved ones is fun, there is just something about grilling in the summer that is simply more fulfilling.

Outside of the fun and fellowship, the next most important thing is the food.  Actually, maybe food is the most important thing, but you get the drift.

Over the years, many trends evolve as pop culture is infused with culinary experience.  One year, cheeseburgers are all the rave, the next year people hate them.

Ok that’s maybe exaggerating a bit, but things change just like people.  There have been several barbecue trends throughout the years, but these have all had staying power, surviving the test of time.

Let’s take a look at our favorites, but also some of the most popular BBQ trends throughout the years.

Buckle up, and make sure you have had something to eat before reading.


Breakfast On The Q

Eat your breakfast!

You don’t have to tell us twice.  But have you ever thought about having breakfast on the barbecue?  Think about breakfast burgers with a fried egg and fresh avocado on the grill, or even roasted eggs.  Our chef friends also recommend doing griddle pancakes or even grilled French toast.  All can be done on the grill.


Rotisserie Renaissance

We’ve seen rotisserie chickens in our local markets for years and years.  In fact, who hasn’t bought a rotisserie chicken as a quick dinner pickup during a hectic work week?

Also known as spit roasting, rotisserie merges the best of direct and indirect grilling.  The light, non-contact heat of indirect grilling allows for large cuts of meat without making them too dry.  Direct grilling gives you your smoky flavorful crust as you make contact with the grill.

Rotisserie isn’t only for meats, you can roast veggies, fruits, and seafoods too!


Summer BBQ



Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are grills within themselves.

Oft overlooked, having a pizza oven in your backyard is high on the wish list of many chefs and amateurs alike.  Pizza ovens not only bake pizzas, but other items like vegetables and sweets, breads and meats at high temps.

There are indoor and outdoor styles that you can incorporate in your kitchen today.

When is the last time you’ve seen a pizza oven?


Weber grill


Veggie Meat

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t met a vegan or vegetarian or whatever arian in the last 5 years or so.

Meat free lifestyles are becoming more and more common as education leads people towards making different menu choices.

You’ve seen veggie burgers before, but we are truly talking using hearty vegetables that make for a formidable meat replica. Think, roasted beets or a thick grilled cabbage head.  How’s that for a steak?


 Flavored Wood

There are two parts to this wood business we’d like to cover when it comes to barbecue trends throughout the years.

There are the once super popular wood grills that still remain common in some parts.  Many restaurants use wood grills and it is pretty common to find wooden planks for grilling seafood in your local market for home use.  Without having to buy any new tool, you can simply place light wooden cedar planks over charcoal and place your meat on top.  This will produce a super-rich charcoal flavor you’ll never forget.

We’ve heard of different trees like birch, pine, and cedar by way of general knowledge.  Once super trendy, the likes of apple and hickory were also pretty common place for unique flavors.  One of the wackiest trends was almond wood hitting the scene for barbecues as it burns hot and clean with outstanding flavor.


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