Modern fireplaces these days do more that provide eat for the home. They are becoming decorative centre pieces in most houses as well. This has resulted in fireplace manufacturers going out of their way to incorporate stylish designs and futuristic designs. They are also finding elegant ways to place their flues, and the firebox shapes have also incorporated a certain refinement in the sturdy built that was traditionally their hallmark. This can be seen best when it comes to gas fireplaces, which are some of the most common heating fixture in most homes.

In Sydney, there are different fireplace manufacturers, with the most common purchases being Regency and Lopi gas hearths. This is because according to most inline reviews, customers are taken by the stylish designs that do not come at the expense of functionality. They are also very fairly priced in comparison. Here are some of the most stylish fireplaces available for sale in Sydney;


The Regency GF900L

This is an inbuilt fireplace that comes with modern linear styling. The design itself is seamless incorporating wide angle flames that add a very distinct beauty to a room. When installed in a living room, it is best placed below a wall mounted television, where it embodies its slogan; a state of the art gas log fire – for the home that demands attention.

It has realistic ceramic glowing embers that look exceptional on low setting, as they reflect off the black enamel panels.The wide landscape design makes the coastal styled driftwood log fire look surreal and creates the perfect ambience for an evening of TV watching or just hanging out with family. For those feeling particularly adventurous, there is an optional pebble kit that can be purchased with the crystal fireplace, for added beauty.



Gas Fireplace



 The Regency GF1500L Inbuilt Gas Log Fireplace

This particular model works with its size to give you one of the most brilliant views of the flame and log package, of within the range of regency fireplaces. It uses the black panels made from reflective enamel to further add a unique quality to the fire.  This is while still maintaining its quiet efficiency, and the ability to heat up a large house, thanks to its 3 speed fan. It is also one of the few hearths anywhere that can be operated remotely from a totally different room, thanks to its RF remote control that can be programmed for up to a whole week.

There are extras that can be added to this fireplace to give it more elegance. These include a contemporary door frame and fascia that are available either in black or brushed stainless steel. You can have the fireplace in a clean edge finish, which does away with the need for fascia. The Regency GF1500L works best when installed in contemporary spaces or open plan living areas, where the family gathers during the winter months for board games.

Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 Double Sided Linear Gas Fireplace

Among the gas fireplace models available in Sydney, this is one of the newer models. One of the striking features is the ceramic glass that serves both as an aesthetic piece and to increase the amount of radiant heat. This allows the fireplace to direct heat in two directions, thanks to the dual blowers. It can therefore easily heat up to 195 square meters of space.

Another endearing feature is the large viewing area, which when coupled with the flames and the spectacular glass floor that is made from crushed glass, make it a worthy centrepiece for any home. The crushed glass floor is available in 4 colours and can be accentuated with accent lights that usually run underneath it.



Gas Fireplace



Lopi 3615 HOGS2 Linear Fireplace

The Lopi 3615 is testament that size does not really equate to style when it comes to fireplaces. It has a decently sized 85 cm wide viewing area which has high dancing flames, and under lighting that works whether the hearth is on or not. You also have the option of having a simple glass bed in any of the three colours available. Another nifty addition is the driftwood and stone fyre-art that you can put in to give your fireplace more character.

The small size of the fireplace should not deceive you, this remains quite a force, able to heat up to 158 square meters of space. The lights, fan and flame can also be adjusted to six settings, further setting the 3615 apart as a fireplace to reckon with.


Regency FG39 Freestanding Gas Fireplace

This list would not be complete without a freestanding fireplace. We love them because other than the ability to bring an instant elegance to a room, they transport you to a much simpler time where log fires were set in stand-alone fireplaces. This particular one happens to have one of the most realistic flame patterns available in any model of gas fireplaces worldwide.

It also has a spectacular view of the flames and embers through a wide glass door. All this beauty is paired with functionality, to make sure you get the best deal for your money. One of these is the room sealed direct vent technology which allows you to ventilate up and out of the living room, therefore saving money on both the vents and the installation.


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