Strata Manager Responsibilities

Strata Manager Responsibilities

Strata are important organisations whose establishment has a wide mandate in terms of property management. One who is knowledgeable and well versed in the operation of strata, therefore, must carry out the running of your management services to have the best chance at success. A strata manager’s main duty is to act as overseer of the owner’s corporation by taking over the day-to-day running of the strata. Strata managers are professionals who specialise in the field of property management that is specific to strata and the rules and norms that apply accordingly to their running.

Your strata manager will operate under the purview set forth by agreement of members of the owners’ corporation. Their duties will be derived from the scope of their administrative reach. Despite their potential diversity, these duties will typically fall under such main categories as:

Community organisation

The strata manager may oversee the overall status of the community in which they are operating and may even be called upon to act as a mediator in certain situations that may arise. These may include helping to settle disputes between owners. Strata managers may also act as enforcers as they ensure that community rules and guidelines are followed. They would also be the main community liaisons office and would be responsible for bringing forth any concerns that the residents may bring to their attention than seeing to it that these are addressed and resolved.


Strata managers will typically manage such aspects as ensuring the cleanliness of common areas within the building or group of buildings. They supervise the maintenance of these areas and are responsible for the recognition of specific needs while monitoring their upkeep. The strata manager should also take charge of communication with all concerned parties including residents and owners so that they may remain informed about the goings-on within the community. Together with communication, comes the keeping of records. As the strata manager exercises authority over a wide range of operational tasks, they must not fail in the keeping of accurate records to have easily available proof of both successful and failed projects, as well as guaranteeing continuity in case of change of guard.

Financial Accounting

The strata manager’s duties often cover the financial portion of strata’s operations. These financial responsibilities will see the manager acting as the main financial officer, and thus must monitor all funds that are coming in and going out of the owners’ corporation accounts. These funds must always be accounted for and their records constantly updated to remain accurate. The strata manager must also follow up on any transactions that must be carried out on behalf of the corporation such as the payment of invoices and the collection of levies owed by owners at any given time.

The duties of a strata manager are far-reaching, though they are not always static. They do tend to change over time and will be modified to accommodate the specific needs of the owners’ corporation that is being served. Despite these differences, the underlying understanding is that the position of strata manager in and around the Sydney CBD is a valued one and your corporation’s choice in managers is integral to the successful running of your community.

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