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Sexual activity. Partaking in the art of lovemaking is healthy and makes people even those of the older generation. Having an active healthy sex life has numerous benefits for the mind body and soul. Not only is it a great workout it will also release happy chemicals into your brain. This may sound a bit wishy-washy now but we will go through the benefits in more detail in a minute. So what I’m trying to say is you owe it to your own health to have regular sex well on into your twilight years.

Relieves Anxiety

Having intercourse or even hugging your partner can relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that human contact will release happy chemicals in your brain and heighten your mood.

Boosts Confidence

Intimacy and sex can lead to a boost in confidence as after sex you have the tendency to feel like a more complete human having gone through the motions that lead to procreation.

Do It for Your Heart?

It has been proven that regular sex is healthy for the human heart. Men who engaged in regular sex had much less of a chance of developing cardiovascular diseases later in life. Sex can be compared to exercise as it stimulates your circulatory system and gets your heart pumping at a faster rate.

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Better Sleep

After orgasming your body produces a sleep-inducing hormone that is responsible for you and your partner feeling sleepy after sealing the deal. This hormone is also responsible for the uninterrupted sleep often achieved after a sexual session.

Makes you Happy

The act of making love releases all kinds of endorphins into your system that boost your mood and potentially make you happy. It has been also found that people who have regular sex are more likely and capable of handling stressful situations.

Pain Relief

Sex is a wonder drug. It can almost cure everything. Well, maybe not but it can’t hurt to try. But what it can do is relieve pain. While you’re having sex your brain is releasing oxytocin and is especially noticeable in women who are menstruating.

It Boosts Your Immune System

A study revealed that people who had sex more than twice a week have a thirty percent higher content immunoglobulin A, an antibody integral to the function of the immune system. This because people who partake in sexual activity are exposing themselves to more infectious agents and therefore their immune system responds by producing more immunoglobulin A. IgA for short is effective against protecting tour body from colds and flues.

A healthy sex life is imperative to maintain peak physical and mental condition. Luckily it’s can be one of the most pleasurable things we can experience in this human existence of ours. Always take the time with your lover and express wholesome feelings of love and togetherness for they too are necessary components to gaining all the health benefits from love and togetherness.

Establish a healthy sexual relationship with your partner along with healthy daily routines such as exercising and eating a healthy diet. This will give your body all the strength it needs to keep going all night long. And most of all try have fun and really communicate with each other to what you like in the bedroom to keep the spice alive so you have a long-lasting and interesting sex life that will, in turn, enrich your life.

Sex has been scientifically proven to be great for your health so there is no reason not to get out there and find your one true love even if the sun is shining on your back and you’re walking down the slope.

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