Sex, Intimacy, and Friendship: Keys to a Healthy Romance

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Even though latest research has told us that with our lifespans stretching out the future might not be bright for monogamous folk, it is important to know that one can influence the circumstances of a long-term relationship easily by shaking things up a little to make a romance not only healthy but last.

If a routine has taken over after work by watching the same shows and sharing a glass of red together, things might have become a little too predictable and boring. For couples who are generally content in their relationship, it is important to interrupt the familiarity and get together for special times to carry out activities that are different from the usual evening or weekend spent. Whether you two go out for dinner in a hip restaurant, hit the dance floor to some gypsy jazz tunes or snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie, as long as you’re doing something you both like and that is out of the ordinary it will bring some excitement into your daily relationship routine.

Research has also shown that happy couples enjoy sexual intimacy on a regular basis no matter if the frequency is twice a week or twice a year – as long as both partners are content with the prevalence. To enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship it is essential for both partners to be able to talk about sexual needs, preferences, and concerns such as the fear not to last longer in bed due to premature ejaculation, a very common erectile dysfunction in men. Being able to talk openly about issues concerning sexual intimacy will create a deeper bond between the partners and might even increase their sexual lust and life. Giving the long-term partner some ideas how to try something new in the bedroom can be fun and scary at the same time and you might be nervous about the reaction.

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But no matter if you suggest including sex toys to keep things exciting, role-play or simply change locations, being able to talk about these things with your partner increases communication and a whole new level of comfort within the relationship.

Asexual couples are often left out of the conversation and a majority of the population still has a misconception about what that sexual orientation means. Approximately 1 to 6 percent of people identify as asexual which is, unlike celibacy, not a choice. Asexuals also referred to as ‘aces’, experience the absence of sexual attraction but can have a loving relationship as any sexual person can except their way to engage in intimacy is more on an emotional level than physical.

Which leads us to the conclusion that in addition to sexual intimacy, friendship is an important cornerstone in a long-term relationship. Any couple, which does not consider themselves as friends, will probably not last long as companionship is what keeps a relationship steady over years. If two people are only held together by drama, passion, and sex, the liaison is not likely to stand the test of time. This does not mean that the partner should replace the best friend, as of course, we all need our space and live our own lives as individuals as well. Being co-dependent on a partner is not necessarily healthy and we all benefit from times we spend in solitude or with our friends to recharge batteries.

Whether you are in a monogamous relationship or have more than one special person involved in your life, the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship are pretty much the same. If you are happy and satisfied with the romance you are currently living, be willing to put in some work, as all relationships require tending.

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