How to Set Up Media Wall

How to set up media wall

Out of sight out of mind is a popular expression in the marketing department of any company. Studies show that visual adverts are more likely to result in a sale compared to other forms of ads. More often than not, companies use media walls for both marketing and branding. If you are planning a dinner gala or an awards night, media walls are the way to go. They have always proved to be effective and reliable. Unfortunately, media walls fall short of their full potential due to poor set up. For your next gala night or award show, here are some tips on how to set up your media wall.

When it comes to visual aesthetics, the simpler the design the better. The idea behind a media wall is not to steal away the show but to subliminally display your brand at an event. Media walls provide exposure to event sponsors, therefore, it is prudent not to over-complicate the design put on the wall. Avoid too many logos or repetitions and steer clear of distracting graphics or busy visuals. Also, use solid colours for your wall. Most media walls are white with several logos. For media walls, less is definitely more! A solid white background with fewer than 4 brand/ sponsor logos repeated with a specific pattern is usually the best for a media wall.

What goes up on your media wall needs to be clear and visible. More often than not, media walls have hazy logos and poor graphics because of the picture format used to print the wall. Before proceeding to print on your wall, ascertain that the file size and format that you are providing is the correct one. JPEG format files aren’t always the best solution. For the media files, the higher the file size and resolution, the better the final result. Moreover, before printing ensure the logos you are using are the correct ones. It would be unfortunate and expensive to have to reprint your media wall. To get attention with your media wall you must get it right.

Be sure to set up your media wall in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic. There is no point to have a media wall that is only seen by few people. Most media walls are normally set up at the entrance of the venue hosting the event. This is because the entrance is sure to have high traffic. Unfortunately, in big venues, the entrances may be numerous or very far from the specific area hosting your event. In such cases, you can set up somewhere close to your event. Photo walls or media backdrops work well with a red carpet and bollards to direct the audience where to go. With a good media wall, your brand will be on every photo taken on the photo wall.

After getting the perfect location, you also need to get the perfect position for your media wall. If you are not using an internally lit backdrop make sure your media wall is positioned next to adequate lighting, especially for photography. Your media wall’s life will certainly be longer than the event itself through photography- so make it count! If your media wall is being set up against a wall, be sure to consider proper backing. You must ensure all the safety fixtures and enhancements needed are in place as you set up your wall. For self-standing media walls, leave sandbags on the floor for safety and stability.

To get the attention you seek, you must get a unique media wall. A styled media wall leaves a lasting impression. For your next gala, consider using textural elements on your media wall. Fake glass, vertical gardens and corrugated iron are among the most popular options. It would be prudent to liaise with an audio-visual company if you are going to take this route. Such a company will devise alternative solutions for lighting to display your brand logos. Moreover, you can spice up your media wall with props. This will make camera-shy people get into character and makes for a unique photo op. With a unique set-up, people are more likely to share photos on social media and this amplifies your brand’s exposure online.

To avoid any surprises on the event day, set up early and see whether your media wall is ok. Check the stability and size of the wall and ensure everything is in order. Moreover, make sure your wall is set up next to a power source. Perhaps you may require to set up additional lighting next to your media wall or have a sound set up. Don’t wait for a rude shock on the event day, set up early and do all the touch ups before your event kicks off.

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